Abu Dhabi Police calls on pedestrians to abide by crossing the designated places for them

Abu Dhabi

As part of the “Safety Path” campaign, Abu Dhabi Police called on pedestrians to adhere to safe passage from their designated places, use bridges and tunnels, and adhere to pedestrian traffic lights at intersections that work in conjunction with traffic lights to regulate vehicle traffic.

And she warned against the danger of random crossing the road, which is one of the main causes of running over accidents, and urging pedestrians to adhere to the correct rules of crossing the road and to ensure that the street is free of vehicles.

She stressed that pedestrian safety and security is an important strategic priority, referring to the continuous efforts to improve traffic safety conditions for pedestrians, which resulted in the construction of many bridges on internal and external roads, improvement of pedestrian crossings, the establishment of surface pathways governed by light signals, and the closing of gaps by making fences on different roads, including It enhances their safety.

It urged drivers to pay attention to pedestrian traffic on the roads and to commit to reducing speeds, stressing that the safety and security of pedestrians is a shared responsibility between pedestrians themselves and drivers on the roads.

Abu Dhabi Police applies violations to drivers and pedestrians, which are not giving priority to pedestrians in the places designated for their crossing, violating them for 500 dirhams and 6 traffic points, and not committing pedestrians to a traffic light, crossing the road from other places designated for their crossing, and violating a fine of 400 dirhams.