Dubai Roads launches the first digital Nol cards in the region in cooperation with Huawei


The Roads and Transport Authority and Huawei Group announced the launch of the exclusive new digital Nol cards and the NolPay app for Huawei smartphone users for the first time in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, as part of the Roads and Transport Authority’s plan to implement advanced technologies and creative methods in the transport sector in Dubai. Within the UAE strategy for artificial intelligence and in keeping with the requirements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Huawei is working to support the RTA initiative and the UAE strategy in general by enhancing its knowledge and expertise, considering that the authority represents one of the most pioneering bodies in leading innovation and technological development.

This came during a ceremony attended by Pablo Ning, President of Huawei Group in the Middle East and Africa, and Jerry Liu, CEO of Huawei in the United Arab Emirates.

Mohammed Al-Mazrab, Executive Director of the Institutional Technical Support Services Sector at the authority said that the new Nol Pay app with Huawei Wallet aims to enable Dubai residents to quickly pay for public transportation fares and any facility that uses Nol cards through their Huawei smartphones. Where users can download the application directly from the Huawei app platform / HUAWEI AppGallery / and create their own Huawei ID using the wallet application and start using this service immediately to top up their digital Nol cards and pay on the go through their phones .. indicating that the Huawei wallet supports payment technology Through the near field communication / NFC / of the NolPay application, which provides a smooth and secure payment experience for Huawei and TRA customers.

He added that these innovative solutions are the first of their kind at the RTA and aim to provide more convenience for Huawei smartphone users by creating flexibility in purchasing tickets for all public transport of the authority such as the Dubai Metro, water bus, tram and others, and that this new application is in line with our strategy. The comprehensive digital transformation to adopt the Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies in the transport sector in Dubai.

On his part, Pablo Ning, President of Huawei Group in the Middle East and Africa, said: “We are proud to work with the Roads and Transport Authority as it continues its journey to introduce digital technology into the services it provides .. The exclusive launch of the RTA digital Nol cards on Huawei smartphones represents a significant development. It is the first of its kind in the region and the success of this partnership highlights the commitment of Huawei’s permanent store applications to work with local partners in developing the most creative and convincing experience for our device users and through partnership with reputable entities such as the Roads and Transport Authority, and we look forward to continuing to support the innovation agenda of the UAE government. .

Huawei smartphone users in Dubai can now use the first digital Nol card in the region by downloading the Nol Pay app, available in the Huawei AppGallery, which allows its users to buy tickets for the Dubai Metro, Water Bus, Tram and others through the app and a wallet. Huawei / Huawei Wallet / .. and they can also recharge the balance of their Nol digital cards directly through the application, noting that the payment process is safe within the framework of the strict and integrated protection and protection system for Huawei store applications and the protection system that meets the highest international standards to ensure the privacy of consumers.

Users can download the application directly from the Huawei store applications and then log in with their Huawei account using a Huawei wallet to top up their Nol digital cards and pay on the go with their phones.

The NolPay app is an addition to the Huawei mobility store apps and provides consumers with wide options that help them reach their destinations.