How to cancel a rental contract in Dubai


The Dubai government, in cooperation with the Land Department, seeks to regulate the real estate market in terms of investment and leasing. It has enacted many regulations and laws that would guarantee the rights of sellers, buyers, tenants, and lessor alike. We will talk about how to cancel my rental when leaving the house, and what are the steps to follow for that.

Ijarah system

The Ejari app was launched in 2007 by the Department of Lands and Properties, as the Ejari program is one of the most recent systems specialized in registering, renewing lease contracts and even terminating them online. This system also guarantees for users the ability to conclude transparent and fair agreements for all concerned parties within agreed terms and conditions approved by the authorities responsible for the real estate sector.


Many people may ask: How can I cancel my rental? Or when the contract is canceled or the reasons for the cancellation, but what some may be ignorant of is that the cancellation of a lease contract is a necessary matter especially when the early termination of the lease is terminated, and there is no need to cancel a lease contract upon the expiry of the lease contract.

Also, each property must be linked to one lease contract, and it is not permissible for the property to be rented by another person, and the property remains on the old lease contract.

How to cancel the agreement

Canceling my rental is not difficult, all you have to do is follow this method of canceling my rental and bring the following documents:

Required document

  1. A copy of the Emirates ID for both parties
  2. Ejari certificate
  3. Tenant passport
  4. No objection certificate from the owner
  5. The last invoice issued by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority to the tenant

* Note: If the tenant is a company, the Emirates ID and the trade license of the owner and manager must be presented.Subscribe toSUBSCRIBE

No objection certificate from the owner

The owner’s NOC must include the following details and information:

  • the owner’s name
  • The property’s address
  • DEWA subscription number
  • Plot number
  • The personal information of the tenant
  • Property condition (empty or rented)
  • The signature of the landlord (identical to the signature on his passport)
  • Company seal (if the owner is a corporation)

Online rental cancellation

After obtaining all the required documents and documents, you can download the Ejari contract cancellation form from the Ejari application, and then fill in all the required details and data, attach the documents with the form, and then you will receive a message stating that your application is under study, and after about 24 – 48 hours you will receive a message stating My rental service has been canceled.

You can also cancel a rental contract through the Dubai Rest app, or visit any of the real estate services trustee centers and cancel the contract manually.

Fees to cancel

  • In the event of cancellation through the service trustee centers: AED 40 excluding tax
  • In the event of online cancellation through the Ejari app: No fees will be charged


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