The fourth conference of dermatology concludes in Dubai


The fourth conference of the Dermatology Division at the Emirates Medical Association concluded today, in which 200 specialized doctors from several countries including the UAE, Egypt, Lebanon, Britain, the United States, Germany and India participated in. It lasted three days at the Intercontinental Festival City Dubai Hotel.

The conference discussed many important topics in the dermatology sector, especially in light of the “Corona” pandemic … and was attended – through interactive screens – Dr. Mona Al Marawi, Vice President of the Emirates Dermatology Society, and Dr. Fatima Al Breiki, General Secretary of the Society.

Dr. Anwar Al-Hammadi, Head of the Dermatology Division, Chairman of the Conference, said that year after year the conference proves its importance as an international platform to discuss everything new in the skin diseases that millions of people suffer from all over the world and to come up with new and successful treatments, pointing out that the latest research indicates great progress. In developing treatments for skin diseases, which was confirmed by the pharmaceutical companies participating in the conference.

He added that 30 lecturers from dermatologists from inside and outside the country participated in the conference sessions, who dealt with psoriasis, eczema, remote treatment, and skin changes associated with Corona after noticing skin changes such as a rash, blisters, or hair loss.

Dr. Al Hammadi stressed that the UAE and Dubai provided the conference with all the elements of success, which contributed to the presence of this large number of doctors from different countries of the world.

For her part, Dr. Khadija Al-Jafri, a consultant dermatologist and chair of the scientific committee at the Dermatology Association, said that this conference contributed to the exchange of information and experiences between the participating doctors and to know their experiences about the “Covid 19” pandemic and its effect on the skin, such as the presence of bumps, redness in the skin and red blood spots, noting that The conference also shed light on unconventional treatments to control the body’s immune system.

In turn, Dr. Jawaher Al-Naqbi, a consultant in dermatology and venereal diseases at the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, stated that due to the continuation of the “Corona” pandemic, the conference contributed to effective communication between local and international doctors to exchange experiences and provide indirect services to patients, which made it easier for skin doctors to provide treatment services through various means of social communication and increase Awareness and education, especially with new patients.

For his part, Dr. Ashraf Reda, a consultant dermatologist at Media Clinic Welcare Dubai, said that during the conference, he gave a lecture on “Biological therapy for psoriasis patients”, which is an advanced technology for manufacturing drugs that attack the main cause of the disease and not treat it without side effects, by injection and by means of Equivalent to 4 injections per year.