The most popular residential neighborhoods for renting villas in Arabian Ranches


The Arabian Ranches represent a mixture between high-end life and the charm of the quiet desert atmosphere in the city. Therefore, many individuals are looking for villas for rent in Arabian Ranches, as the area includes basic and recreational facilities that embody a high-luxury lifestyle. For renting villas in Arabian Ranches and the most important information related to them.


The housing in the Arabian Ranches is positive, with all of them has many features, and is designed to be suitable for families, featuring villas diversity in size and designs inspired by the style of Middle Eastern, and its facilities distinctive Kalhdikh special thereto, as well as spaces dedicated toys for children and places for jogging and running Not to mention the tennis and football courts and swimming pools, not to mention the restaurants, cafes and shops developed within the area.


Neighborhood3-bedroom villas4-bedroom villas
Reem114,000 UAE dirhams130,000 UAE dirhams
Palmyra149,000 UAE Dirhams155,000 UAE dirhams
Neighing166,000 UAE dirhamsnot available
Alvorada185,000 UAE dirhams203,000 UAE dirhams
Miradornot available188,000 UAE Dirhams

Residential neighborhoods in Arabian Ranches are one of the most famous integrated residential neighborhoods in Dubai, as they embody a new concept of high-end living, and include 4,000 villas distributed over different neighborhoods. According to Bayut’s real estate website, Dubai Arabian Ranches villas are among the most popular properties for rent in Dubai, and next to the most popular neighborhoods for renting villas in Arabian Ranches.


Villas in Al Reem
Al Reem is at the top of the list of Arab Ranches neighborhoods that include villas for rent

It is Reem one of the best residential neighborhoods in the Arabian Ranches, according to a team of data in Biot.kom real estate site, where the percentage of the search for villas for rent in Al Reem 45.4%, due to several important issues related to basic and recreational facilities; From swimming pools to parks and children’s play areas, as well as a neighborhood shopping center, all the way to 24/7 maintenance and security services.

 With regard to the average annual rent for those wishing to rent Arabian Ranches villas, the cost of renting two-bedroom villas for rent in Al Reem is 87,000 AED per year, while the average rent for 3-bedroom villas is AED 114,000 per year and AED 130,000 per year for 4-bedroom villas.


Villas in Palmyra
Palmera houses a group of villas built in the Spanish architectural style

Palmyra is considered one of the distinct residential neighborhoods of Arabian Ranches, as it ranked second in the list of villas for rent in Arabian Ranches with a rate of 14.9% for searching for villas for rent in Palmyra , as Palmyra, located on the western side of Arabian Ranches, includes a group of villas inspired by the style Spanish architect, and is strategically located near the main business areas in Dubai, such as Dubai Media City, Dubai Internet City, and Dubai Marina.

The neighborhood includes four residential projects equipped with the finest facilities, including swimming pools, gardens for children, tennis and football courts, and other restaurants adjacent to the area, and accordingly, the average rent for two-bedroom villas for rent in Palmyra is 109,000 AED annually, while the average rent is Annual rent for 3-bedroom villas is AED 149,000 per year, while the largest villas, i.e. 4-bedroom villas, have an average annual rent of AED 155,000.


Villas in Sahel
Sahel is ranked third in searches on the site among the rest of the Arabian Ranches neighborhoods

One of the best residential neighborhoods in Arabian Ranches and one of the neighborhoods preferred by those who plan to rent villas in Arabian Ranches is the Sahel, which is characterized by the availability of villas with spaces suitable for large families, in addition to the basic and recreational facilities it provides, including Raffles Nursery and Jumeirah School of English speaking As well as swimming pools and playgrounds for children.

Many residents of villas in the Sahel enjoy an exceptional view of vast green areas due to its proximity to the Arabian Ranches Golf Club, and therefore the average rent for 3-bedroom villas for rent in Saheel is AED 166,000 annually, and AED 240,000 annually for 5-bedroom villas. The search for villas for rent in Saheel amounted to 8.1%.


Villas in Alvorada
“Alvorada” embodies the concept of modern luxury through its elegant villas that are set in the middle of quiet surroundings that inspire tranquility.

We can describe a to Forada as an innovative concept of modern luxury embodied through the elegant and luxurious villas, as designs inspired by the Portuguese and suitable style perfectly for families, featuring villas, spacious Bcharfadtha, and windows Toxoplasma and many other decorative details.

 The strategic location of the villas in the heart of the Arabian Ranches region makes it very easy to visit the Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club, in addition to the availability of many recreational facilities, parks, and others. If you are looking for villas in Arabian Ranches for rent, this neighborhood will be a suitable option for you.

According to data specialists at the real estate website, the search rate for villas for rent in Al-Forada reached 6.4%, while the average rent for 3-bedroom villas for rent in Al-Forada was AED 185,000 annually, while 4-bedroom villas have an average annual rent of 203,000 The cost of renting a 5-bedroom villa for rent in Al Furada is AED 247,000 annually.


Resolves Mirador fifth in the list of researchers for the best residential neighborhood in the Arabian Ranches by Search 6.2%, as this neighborhood, includes a number of luxury villas that have been designed according to the art of Spanish architecture, featuring the Mirador, located on the banks of the great lake within the Arabian Ranches, close to the mall Private complex, and many recreational facilities.

If you are about to rent villas in Arabian Ranches, especially in Mirador, it is important to know the average rent for villas for rent in Mirador, which is 188,000 AED for a 4-bedroom villa, and 214,000 AED annually, which is the average rent for 5-bedroom villas, while 6 villas Rooms for rent in Mirador, average annual rent is AED 247k.