Flag Day in the UAE 2020

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The state celebrates the UAE Flag Day 2020 on November 3, which is the date of the Emirati Flag Day set by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of the Emirate of Dubai “May God protect him”, where feelings of unity and peace are burning in the hearts of all the people of the country On this day of every year, which the Sheikh excelled in translating into poetic verses in his new poem that he published on the occasion of the Emirati Flag Day entitled Knights of Knowledge, the beginning of which was:

Science used to raise
it, it is our safety we live and raise

He continued to affirm the unity of the Emirati ranks, saying:

We classed one that he had never confronted him
there since seventy years old that destabilized him

The poem of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum came to be one of the most prominent manifestations of the Emirati Flag Day celebration, as it expresses the amount of pride and pride in the heart of every Emirati on this special occasion celebrated by all institutions of the United Arab Emirates.

In the UAE Flag Day celebrations last year, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, “May God protect him,” called on all governmental and private institutions, ministries and schools to raise the UAE flag as an expression of the unity of the UAE people in all its institutions and sects.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum chose the date of Flag Day in the United Arab Emirates, November 3, to coincide with the date of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, “may God protect him”, assumed power in the United Arab Emirates, while some may ask why the Flag Day was called by this name! The designation of Flag Day came to confirm the day when Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul, raised the state’s flag to fly high in 1971, as this link comes to clarify and confirm the importance of the two events in the history of the UAE, as the UAE flag is an eternal symbol. To the nation since its union was established.

Flag colours

The flag of the United Arab Emirates includes the colors red, green, white and black, which symbolize Arab unity, so everyone who wants to speak about the UAE Flag Day 2020 must know the symbol of each of the following colors:

Green color

It symbolizes growth, prosperity, greenness, development, prosperity, and sustainability of development and renaissance.

White color

It symbolizes charity, giving and giving, striving to achieve and spread peace.

Black Color

It symbolizes the strength of the people of the Emirates, preventing them and their toughness.

Red color

It symbolizes the sacrifices of the people of the nation to protect national achievements and achievements, and it evokes the legacy of heroism and the testimony that the brave Emirati soldiers wrote with their blood.

Flag day in UAE

This several occasion to accompany a variety of events each year, to coincide Day celebrations flag in the UAE with Day celebrations take over Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed state presidency, Vtjob manifestations of joy and delight Emiratis all of the houses and residents in the UAE beloved, you continue the celebrations throughout the month to meet with the celebrations of the National Day To the Emirates on December 2.


Emirates' flag

The activities of this occasion are spread in all the emirates of the country, usually the ideas of Flag Day are represented in various activities and campaigns, including:

  • Raise the flag in the outer yards and launch balloons in the colors of the flag
  • National competitions and talent
  • Children’s ceremonies and workshops
  • School students celebrations (singing and musical performances)
  • Offer products for people of determination
  • Directors and heads of institutions give a speech for the UAE Flag Day
  • Schools compete to create ideas for the Flag Day from the activities and distributions of the Science Day

National Flag Holders – Raise It High

The effectiveness of the national flag campaign, launched by the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development, is to raise the UAE flag over the buildings of private and public institutions and companies as well as on homes, as a kind of frank expression of the extent of their belonging and pride in their country, so it is an explicit expression of their pride in the state’s flag. Of the great national feeling in the hearts of Emiratis and everyone who lives on their land.