Battle of the Bulge: 1965 American epic war film


Battle of the Bulge is a 1965 American epic war film produced in Spain, directed by Ken Anakin, and starring Henry Fonda, Robert Shaw, Telly Savalas, Robert Ryan, Dana Andrews and Charles Bronson. The feature was filmed in Ultra Panavision 70 and shown in the 70mm Cinerama and the Battle of the Bulge made its world debut on December 16, 1965, on the 21st anniversary of the Honorary Battle, at the Pacific Cinerama Dome in Hollywood, California.

The filmmakers attempted to intensify the Ardennes’ counterattack, a WWII battle that stretched across parts of Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg and lasted nearly a month, into less than three hours, and shot parts of the film on land that did not resemble the actual battlefield sites. This left them vulnerable to criticism for their lack of historical accuracy. In the end, however, they claimed to have “reorganized” the chronological order of events to maximize the drama.

Unlike most other WWII epics, Battle of the Bulge doesn’t actually contain portraits of actual senior Allied commanders, civilians or military personnel. Presumably, this was due to the controversy surrounding the battle, both during and after the war, and the Allied forces eventually won the battle, but the German counterattack surprised them and caused many casualties.

Battle of the Bulge movie story

In December 1944, former Military Intelligence officer and police officer Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Kelly (Fonda) and his pilot, Joe (Robert Woods), conducted a reconnaissance mission over the Ardennes Forest upon the discovery of a German personnel car. The plane flew in the car and filmed the officer running away from the car, leaving the engine running. It is blood, ”he reprimanded the German officer, referring to the subject of the film, the German shortage of fuel.

In an underground bunker, the officer is revealed to be Colonel Martin Hessler (Robert Shaw), a fictional Panzer tank commander who is loosely based on the SS-Standartenführer Jochen Peiper. Hessler is informed by his boss, General Kohler (Werner Peters), of a new German attack, which breaks through west against American lines and Kohler points to a clock with a 50-hour countdown which is the time allotted for the operation beyond which Germany has no resources to launch a large-scale attack.

Meanwhile, German soldiers disguised as American forces, led by Lieutenant Schumacher (T.Harden), were tasked with seizing vital bridges and sowing confusion behind Allied lines.

Meanwhile, Kelly returns to headquarters, where he has warned that the Germans are planning another all-out attack and was rejected by his superiors, General Gray (Robert Ryan) and Colonel Pritchard (Dana Andrews), because all the available intelligence information indicates that Germany does not have the resources and manpower to launch an attack. else.

Hessler, having become concerned about the capabilities of his tank commanders after he was an organizer, Konrad (Hans Christian Bleach), points to the staggering losses Germany has incurred since the war began, reviews them and discovers that they are all young and inexperienced after hearing his criticisms the commanders storm the Panzerlide chorus and restore Hessler’s faith.

Hoping to discover more evidence, Kelly visits an American infantry position on the Siegfried Line under Major Wolinsky (Charles Bronson) a patrol led by Lieutenant Weaver (James MacArthur) and Sergeant Duquesne (George Montgomery) arrest some young German soldiers and are apparently inexperienced as Kelly concludes that these men have been replaced by the veteran German forces and withdrawn for an attack, but Pritchard also refuses and rebukes Kelly for “reckless intuition” and is determined to release him from duty.

Hessler launched his attack the next day, Wolinsky woke up to the noise of German tanks and led his men to the wooded area of ​​Schnee Eifel where they attempt to fight them but are overrun. A group of Allied tanks led by Sgt. Guffy (Telly Savalas) also tries to slow the tanks but the weak guns of their tanks and the thin armor renders them ineffective and thus forces him and his crew to retreat. On the return trip to Amblève, Guffy enlists one of his crew to help transport black market goods from a nearby farm before they fall into enemy hands.

Lieutenant Schumacher and his masked troops captured the only bridge over our river that could carry the heavy tanks. Hessler continues his march towards Amplev while noticed by Kelly, who also discovers that a German truck is carrying empty fuel barrels just before the Germans attack the city. Guffy finds his business partner Louise (Pier Angeli) and split the proceeds of their racket. As Guffy leaves for the next battle, Louise confesses her love for him and does the same for her.

Schumacher would later control a vital intersection of three roads connecting Amplev, Malmedy and the Siegfried Line. He sabotages the road signs, and the rear command of Wolinsky’s forces takes the wrong way to Malmedy. Almost the entire unit was seized and slaughtered by the SS and Lieutenant Weaver managed to escape, but Doken was killed. American soldiers suspect Schumacher’s “military police” placing explosives incorrectly on our bridge, revealing his shaking even though it is too late to stop Hessler.

When Kohler ordered Hessler to bypass Amplev, Hessler replied that the Americans had no concept of defeat and indicated that they would send trivial things like fresh chocolate cake to their frontline forces he feels capable of breaking their will to fight and Kohler gives him the night to do so.

Hessler’s tanks and infantry stormed Ampliff and finally captured the city. Although many Americans, including Wolinsky, have been captured, Gray, Pritchard, Kelly, and others flee to the River Mays regroup and begin reorganizing to mount a counterattack. Goofy learns that Louise died in the German attack on Amplif.

Faced with the dangers of a foggy night, Colonel Kelly conducts aerial reconnaissance in an effort to locate a major German spearhead. Joe orders the engine to shut down and slide in an attempt to hear the enemy tanks suddenly, through a gap in the fog, he notices a Hessler tank column heading towards the American lines sending Kelly a radio in the coordinates, but his plane is hit by German fire and crashes near an American fuel depot, killing Joe And Kelly was injured.

In Hessler’s chariot, Konrad finally confronts the colonel about his ways of stirring up wars after Hessler boasts that the war is going on forever and so Conrad’s sons will have to become soldiers and fight. Hessler responds by shifting his long-orderly order to the Fuel Battalion, rather than having him shoot for defeatist talk.

Meanwhile, General Gray’s forces, with the Meuse in their backs, prepare to fight Hessler. Unarmored and armed American tanks are being systematically destroyed, but the Germans are consuming much of their fuel. Goofy confronts Weaver, who has assumed command of a small force of wounded men. The surviving Americans head to the warehouse, which is the same warehouse where a wounded Kelly is recovering.

Aware of the German fuel shortage, Hessler leads a company of Tigers toward the fuel depot to seize its stock, and Conrad watches him go. Weaver arrives and the extremists first Weaver identifies Lieutenant Schumacher, who is still masquerading as the US military police and whose men have taken control of the depot; Schumacher failed to identify him, however, based on Weaver’s signal. He and his men shot the disguised Germans and killed them all.

With the Hessler column approaching, American defenders flooded the road with petrol and set it on fire. Young German crews abandon their devices in horror only to be shot by the Americans or engulfed in flames after his crew abandoned him. Hessler went alone, only to have his tank detonated by a burning fuel barrel. . Gray arrives just in time to see the tanks burning and after running out of fuel, the remaining Germans abandon the attack and return to Germany. Conrad turns the breach and discards his rifle and cartridge belt and confidently, his personal war is over.

The roles of the actors of the movie Battle of the Bulge

  • Henry Fonda as Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Kelly.
  • Robert Shaw as Colonel Martin Hessler.
  • Robert Ryan as General Gray.
  • Dana Andrews as Colonel Pritchard.
  • George Montgomery as Sgt. Duquesne.
  • Tay Hardin as Lt. Schumacher.
  • Pierre Angeli as Louise.
  • Barbara Whirl as Elena.
  • Charles Bronson as Major Wolinsky.
  • Hans Christian Blesch as Conrad.
  • Werner Peters as General Kohler.
  • James MacArthur as Lieutenant Weaver.
  • Carl Otto Alberti as Major Von Dibel.
  • Tilly Savalas as Sgt. Goofy.
  • Steve Rowland as Eddie.
  • Robert Woods as Joe.
  • Charles Stallmaker as Major Burke.
  • Robert Ritte voiceover.

Results of the film after its release

Eisenhower came out of retirement and held a press conference to denounce the film for what he considered to be its gross historical inaccuracy and was one of the most popular films at the British box office in 1966..

The original VHS version of the film was edited for large home video use for a single VHS tape and used full-screen “pan and scan” technology They are often used for webcasts for widescreen animation. Laserdisc 1992 and 2005 DVD editions run full length and are presented as letterbox at the original 2.76: 1 aspect ratio The Blu-ray release followed in 2007, also in the original 2.76: 1 aspect ratio. In 2018, a new movie, Wunderland, retold the story of the Battle of the Bulge.