Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: A good comedy amidst the element of the crime


There are some films that, although distinguished by their distinction, did not get their attention from the viewers, such as Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and this may be due to the fact that the film was not expected to be good or at other times due to the presence of many important films in the same period.

Kiss kiss bang bang review

One of the films that suffered from this problem was Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which was considered one of the most distinctive films, but it was not properly appreciated.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang review

The story of the movie Kiss Kiss Bang Bang revolves around the thief Harry Lockhart, who tries to escape from the police after a robbery, leading him to become an actor, gets the role of a police investigator, and cooperates with a real investigator to learn more about the profession, but after discovering a murder he tries to get away And before he goes, he finds the girl he loved when he was young, asking him to help her find out the cause of her sister’s death after she thought he was really investigated, so Lockhart becomes confused between proceeding with a difficult investigation or losing the girl he loved again.

Scenario and dialogue 

The movie Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is taken from a novel by the American writer Brett Hallyday, and the script was written by Shane Black, and the script was very elaborate from the first moment, by chance that Harry turned from a thief into an actor was very good, and despite the beginning of the film quickly, he managed to give time to get to know The main characters close up.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang movie compilation

Kiss Kiss Bangbang is a crime and comedy classification, which is a difficult classification because crime films need attention to detail to become convincing, and with the presence of comedy, that becomes more difficult, but the comedy was very successful and not intrusive, and the comedic moments in the film were very fruitful and appear at the right time, which gave it the effect Required.

Although the first half-hour of the film is quiet, the scenario was very successful in inserting many details that emerged in succession during the events of the film, to confirm that every detail that was implanted has a specific purpose and not just for filling.

The curve of crime and investigations was upward without haste, although the cultivation of details with the beginning of the events of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang movie and then relying on it later may cause some distraction for some viewers, but the scenario was able to rectify that to some extent on a number of times by reformulating those details in a way. Different.

The drawing of the characters was very successful, especially the character of Harry Lockhart, as he is not an ideal character, but rather a thief with average intelligence and normal muscular abilities, and it is the best drawing of the characters of the selling hero over the exaggerations that the hero becomes a Spurman who can do all things.

The dialogue of the film was also good, despite the haste at times, but it had many positive aspects, especially in the comedic side, as it was influential in the comedy of situations on which the script relied

Representative performance

Robert Downey Jr. made one of his distinguished acting performances in that film, especially in embodying the character of the thief who is afraid of confrontation and seeks to escape, with his success in comedic moments with appropriate expressions that made his interaction with her very likable and successful, to make his reactions give the comedic spirit of the situation even if the situation itself is not Comic, like one of the scenes at the beginning of the movie.

Val Kilmer also performed well in a personality characterized by some ambiguity, which Kilmer was able to draw effectively, while in the women’s championship of Michael Monaghan, the role did not carry many challenges, but she performed well within the required limits of the character.


Director Shane Black provided a good picture for Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and was able to highlight the comedic scenes well, and what helped him to do that was that he wrote the script for the movie.

The final battle scene directing was very good and succeeded in creating a state of tension, which had some comedic moments in a successful way to produce the battle well and suitable for the details that were planted about each of the main characters in the film.


Kiss Kiss Bang Bang deserves a 7/10 rating, and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang may have been affected by Robert Downey Jr.’s lack of stardom during the film’s descent compared to now, but the film is definitely a comedic meal with an element of suspense and excitement and one of the films worth watching.