Project Power: When Power Has a Shortcut


They say that there are no shortcuts in life to achieve a specific desire, or mini manuals that guarantee this for their readers, or even operating catalogs for human forces with correct foundations that guarantee them desired results that meet all aspirations, so success in this is like a long-range planet, one must ascend to it with a missile Determination, and providing his vehicle with the fuel of desire in matters, so that the goal becomes a tangible reality as a result of that. Clinging to the achievement of the goal with everything that anyone has of will.

But what if the verse turns and becomes difficult and easy? Success is presented to you on a silver platter that you will not need to pour custom in seeking it, power in your hands will make you feel that you have the keys to the whole world in order to control it or parts of it, moments after moments you will say your word and elevate your affairs to fear from you everyone, and your sorrow becomes a gun that launches into the chest of your enemies relentlessly, that solution may seem small materially and not complicated in detail, but it is great in benefit and exceptionally effective at the level of the result.

The author, “Matson Tomlin” in “Project Power”, which is the first of his long fictional experiments, reflects the logic that we all know, and replaces the certainties and foundations of a fairy tale through which the audience lived for nearly two hours a difficult but enjoyable experience at the same time, witnessing many transformations that occur Anyone who walks a path that does not know its secrets, on the face of which it appears benefit, but in it is a push to things that may not be rewarded later.

“Tomlin”, who will go into writing the new movie “The Batman” with director “Matt Reeves”, appears to be deeply influenced and fond of comic stories and their imaginative worlds, a superb skill that Tomlin has shown in a distant focus from the “DC” and “Marvel” stories that It can not compete at all, and he added to it his imprint derived from a realistic philosophy that reflects its idea of ​​what can be narrated cinematically, so the result was a promising start for “Tomlin” in his cinematic career and directly reassuring the audience that the Batman scenario is in safe and promising hands, so to speak.

The film revolves around a small capsule that gives its abuser supernatural power for a period of no more than five minutes. The story follows one of those capsules promoters called “Robin” who finds herself obliged to cooperate with “Art” nicknamed “the pioneer” and who seeks to find out who is behind the spread. The expansion of this drug, at a time when Captain Frank of the New Orleans Police also intervenes, relying on the power of the capsule, in order to protect his city and confront those who lie in wait for its residents and those who trade in this weapon of force, which does not warn of anything but the danger contrary to the desired goal.

“Matson Tomlin” introduces the viewer to the heart of the story from the beginning in terms of introducing the characters, leaving room for additional information about them as the events unfold. He also contributed to the details of the plot devoid of any unhelpful element in accelerating the rhythm of the film and moving away from what might cause boredom even for a while, fueling “Tomlin “The conflict between the two sides of the story par excellence by creating many sequences that pave the way for the kinetic experience that is originally what everyone is looking for in this difficult period of time, but it also succeeded in drawing special attention in the narrative side by investigating the logic in forming the features of the story, which was a major reason. In accepting the film as well as the visual work that will be talked about later.

Even on the level of character design, “Tomlin” moves away from the traditional form followed in the movies of superheroes in terms of being the strong and hardworking in the fight against evil, and decides to tell the story from the perspective of a young girl like “Robin” with which the viewer experiences that perilous journey wherever she goes with her.

“Art” and “Frank”, this does not mean that the supporters are not as important as “Robin”, for “Art” the story is based on him in the parts of the surprises in particular, which occupy an important place in the film, and “Frank” is an important part in his being One of the ribs of the force that seeks to fight this danger rampant in the city, even if it is illegal, but its purpose is honorable and noble.

That is why “Tomlin” accounts for the harmony of the characters with the events of the entire story and the importance that each of them enjoys as a main engine of events and an ambassador for the viewer in the heart That battle between good and evil violent forces.

What is wrong with the film is the real absence of a sinister character who can instill danger in comparison to the size of what Robin and her companions face, for the second time in a row after “The Old Guard”. This problem is repeated with the presence of a character who has many ideas about human development and enhancing people’s strengths and capabilities despite being misleading.

It leads people to its perdition and is easily and effortlessly overcome upon reaching the final turn of the story, despite the clarity of this dilemma within the context, it cannot cause a feeling of anxiety about “The Batman”. With “Matt Reeves” all Something is safe, and Tomlin himself has demonstrated his ability to lead the idea to look appropriate and satisfying to all tastes.

The visual directing seemed unique and suitable for the vision entrusted with the powers that characterize everyone who swallows that drug. Even on the level of montage, there is a relative dependence by the directors of the film “Henry Ghost” and “Ariel Schulman” on the kinetic cutting “Cutting On Action”, which depends basically on cutting the shots before the end, then moving after that to a later shot that is dealt with the same approach as the previous one, and then returning sometimes to showing what is left of the previous shot, this contributed smoothly to close knowledge of the effect of the capsules on the users of the capsules and the strengths they give, It also created an atmosphere of enthusiasm and positive tension during the screening of the action scenes, far from disturbing the viewer visually and in an exaggerated way.

Before talking about the acting performance, “Matson Tomlin” says in a surprising press statement that he used to write the characters and in his imaginations “Jimmy Fox” and “Joseph Jordan Levitt”, and “Tomlin” intuition came true after he watched them impersonate “Art” and “Frank” Respectively, “Jimmy Fox,” the Oscar winner for the movie “Ray”, well-deservedly proves that he has what it takes to play such roles and that he is in a state of artistic revival after his high performance in “Just Mercy” last year.

And a great focus on what he wants to achieve and harmony between him and others indicate a complete comfort during the embodiment and elaborate management of the character and its multiple dimensions, it is no wonder that the role of “Art” is one of the best performances he has presented in recent times after fasting about the good acting choices since “Django Unchained”.

On the other hand, he is matched by “Joseph Jordan-Levitt”, who recently returned after three years of absence to the cinematic scene, with an important role and a personality distinguished by loyalty to her homeland and his strong bias towards goodness and a tendency to apply it on the ground of reality, whatever the way, it did not seem Ali “Levitt” here affected by absence at all and succeeded to be a key factor in the context that paving the way for his character of firm dealing with the counter-force and confronting evil with courage and cooperating with others, a great effort that “Levitt” is thankful for, and it is really the ideal choice to participate in the film.

But the one who attracted the attention strongly and succeeded in hijacking the lights from the aforementioned duo is the little “Dominic Fishback” with her innocent features and her hatred for those situations in which she found herself inside. “Fishback” has succeeded in reflecting the sensual nature of the character of “Robin” and mastering the talent of singing “Rap” with great mastery.

And most importantly, the change in a direct way with the change that occurs to the character upon reaching the last half of the story, is not an ordinary imagination that enjoyed by Matson Tomlin, but rather is intelligence in the first place in terms of designing the characters with full awareness of who are the appropriate actors to perform them in an elaborate manner. Easily reach the viewers.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that “Netflix” has begun to improve dramatically in its ability to attract good cinematic work and to comfortably include it in the lists of its shows throughout the twelve months of the year, “Netflix” has already saved the year something with its good dramas and films available on its platform that the series is of no less value than the series beloved by many who are passionate about watching it without its good.

Here it unleashes a new and distinctive work that wears the glove industry, starting with its author and reaching its three stars who are also credited with the appearance of the film in a manner that will be admired by many and spend the most enjoyable moments through it. They are in their homes.