Tenet review – visual dazzle and intricate plot


In special statements to “Esquire” magazine, “Robert Pattinson” and “Kenneth Branagh” stated that they had experienced an understanding of the plot of Tenet while filming the work and that they had read the script of Tenet more than once in an attempt to realize its basic idea, perhaps the question that revolves around In the minds of many, it will be the reason for choosing this particular duo if they are not able to work under one of the pioneers of modern cinema, Christopher Nolan.

But the truth is the opposite, and “Pattinson” and “Pranagh” are completely innocent of any failure to understand what they are heading to, because “Christopher Nolan” had imagined an extremely complex idea that the best actor on the face of the earth could not understand it, no matter how long and wandering in the cinematic arena, ” Nolan, of course, is still one of the brightest filmmakers in “Hollywood” for his ability to create a unique cinema full of renewed ideas that does not tend in its content to quote or revive old and classic works and the like, but he is in a “belief” that goes beyond the limit that guarantees the recipient’s communication. With what he wants to say.

It is true that he based on me one element related to time and its philosophies and general concepts, without even resorting to similar peers so that the film would not be overcrowded, but the idea remained to wave its secrets in a way that is extremely difficult to comprehend and appreciate that superintelligent intelligence that Nolan enjoys in the manner of His recent works “Inception” and “Interstellar”, it can be said that the film is adorned with the externally decorative uniqueness of the plot in addition to the aesthetic of the visual experience, but the interior is lost like a stray in the mazes of time and its complex dimensions.

Interstellar vs.  Inception

The Tenet movie story

The story of Tenet is based briefly (since the plot is not disclosed in the advertisements for the movie) about the “Protagonist”, a CIA agent, who finds himself involved in a difficult mission to save the world from the threat of a third world war worse than the nuclear Holocaust, at the same time. In which he discovers a sharp manipulation of the mechanisms of time and the danger that threatens the fate of the entire humanity is formed by one of the Russian arms dealers, “Andrei Satur”.

On the level of the general form of the story, the film Tenet appears to be a binary marriage between “Inception” and “Interstellar,” and seeks to reintroduce some other legacies as well as relying on an application of one of the philosophies of time that Christopher Nolan invents. On the other hand, this corresponds to providing the viewer with a break. It is one of the good visual performances that a film really needs in this way and in this way presented in it, but what remains in the whole plot is difficult to circulate its ideas in cinematic discussions or talk about it due to its continuous complications, even with the escalation of events. Fascination with what Tenet finally revealed.

The script spent nearly two hours of time trying to explain everything that happens within the context of the story, the reasons for this occurring, and what might happen after it, but the problem is not only in the explanation mechanism, but in the content of the content in which Nolan did not believe that going deep into the thing He may spoil him and spoil him on the other side as well, so he took bumpy steps in the theories of time travel or going back in time, if so to speak, without anyone understanding or rationalizing them.

Of course, fans of “Nolan” love to break out of the ordinary and go inside multiple horizons of imagination and present what is not presented from some, but this does not mean that the balance between the science fiction element and its dramatic and spy counterpart is lost compared to his previous films, which sometimes you see the distinction of some other elements the film is going in a positive way to the end, but the balance was absent in the movie Tenet even after “Nolan” added a certain detail about one of the characters (it will not be mentioned to avoid the burning), but it was completely useless and it will be forgotten with the arrival of events to the last turn of it.

Different decades?  - tenet

But if it is difficult to interact with Tenet on an emotional level or to understand its narrative language, this cannot detract from its artistic and visual quality. Perhaps without the slightest exaggeration, this is the best cinematic picture recently presented since “Blade Runner 2049” by director “Dene Villeneuve”, The camera “Hoyt van Hoytima” is strongly present in the scene, moving vigorously in conjunction with the accelerating rhythm of the film in the very motion scenes, and transmitting what is going on with its shots in detail and structurally in order to place the viewer in the heart of the event at a time when it is difficult for him to understand what is going on at the time.

All this is in addition to the distinctive montage of “Jennifer Lamy”, especially in the scenes of backwardness in time reflected on her basic materials or human resources, and the wonderful soundtrack to ” Ludvig Joranson “, who replaces “Hans Zimmer” for the first time after the cooperation between the latter and “Nolan” for periods, Therefore, it can be said that the film is visually dazzling, with its face-saving capabilities, a little flawed by great disorientation in the way of narration and an unjustified difficulty in understanding all its symbolism despite the attempt to convey information several times within the film.

Tenet is also interceded by the acting performances that succeeded in obtaining satisfaction in a film that did not satisfy him as required, a mature talent shown by “John David Washington”, son of the great star ” Denzel Washington “, in the dramatic notch and interacting with appropriate emotions with the events and fighting in front of him in dialogue confrontations Interviewed by the Australian beautiful “Elizabeth Debicki”, who is considered the basis of the drama in the movie due to the nature of her broken personality due to her husband, “Andre”, who has a criminal mentality, and his constant intimidation of her.

Since the mention of “Andre” came, praise must be made to the veteran “Kenneth Branagh”, who showed his ability to master the Russian dialect as if he had resided in the country of fog from his earliest years. He is not a British bearer of the title “Sir” as he is known about him, as for “Robert” Pattinson, by his performance, proves that he is appropriate for the character of “Batman”.

Yes, he possesses unnatural charisma on the screen, regardless of the size of the role he plays, this was evident in his continuous interaction with the “Protagonist” character and his complete alertness at the time of danger and the occurrence of what might turn the process upside down, All this is calculated for “Nolan” in the correctness of his choices for those who can carry the film on their release with passion and love, even if it is difficult for them to understand the multi-dimensional plot in the text.

Tenet is not entirely catastrophic, nor is it the work that will lift the current year from the clutches of losing an entire movie year, but in light of the difficult circumstances that the world is going through until our time, the film remains a work that will give viewers the opportunity for continuous discussions and dialogues about the theories of the film and about what is going on in its context and what Symbolized by “Nolan”, it brings back to mind those wonderful cinematic times that inflame the emotions of movie lovers with a flood of enthusiasm to talk about films and talk about them with passion.

Perhaps the second viewing will give the film another opportunity to answer the confusing questions that revolve in the imagination of those who watched the film, but it remains The first impression is not what it was previously in the films of “Christopher Nolan” renewed.