Perry Mason: Is it worth watching?


The series Perry Mason brings us back to the character of Perry Mason again after many years of absence, and for those who do not know Perry Mason, he is a fictional character of a criminal lawyer whose sole goal is to achieve justice. She reaches 9 years old in the 50s and 60s, in addition to a series of TV films also starring him.

So HBO brings back Berry Mason to us, but this time we will return to his youth before he was a lawyer in the thirties in particular .. Was Mason’s return to the arena after all this time successful?

The story of the Perry Mason series

The story of the Perry Mason series revolves around the private investigator, Perry Mason, who is charged with the crime of kidnapping and killing a baby, and the case pulls him slowly to affect his personality and his entire life.


The events of the series go on three axes, one of them represents the main axis and the most important line in events, which connects the other two axes with our story and puts them in the circle of concern.

The main axis is represented by the crime that we see occurring in the opening scene of the series, and it is the main line that unites all the characters and lines.

The focus of the series in this axis was not on revealing facts and making twists with the passage of time, but on the contrary, the series has thrown its full papers to us since the first episode and that made us aware of the almost complete truth about the issue, but the question remains, was this decision successful?

This question can be answered with yes or no, and this depends entirely on your personal taste, but in my opinion it was not successful and that is not because it negatively affected the viewing experience, but it deprived us of a large number of surprises within the case and robbed us of the right to The participation of investigators, even if for some time, in thinking and trying to solve puzzles one after the other, but unfortunately, this did not happen.

Despite the negative side of this matter, the makers of the series took advantage of this decision to show their muscles in writing and to present investigations from the beginning, where our investigators do not know anything about the truth to reach the moment of knowing everything and turning things around in court in addition to the reflection of the twists of the case on the personality of Perry Mason Himself .

The side of the court was presented beautifully in all its aspects and was able to present some of the difficulties facing lawyers in particular, about which we often do not know anything.

We move to the two sub-axes of the story and the first of them is to study the character of Perry Mason himself. This study, which continues in parallel with the investigation processes, reveals to us one truth behind the other, and we see how the case affects his person and brings him back memories that he does not wish to remember again.

Despite the very few scenes that were specifically presented to clarify the character of Perry Mason more, she succeeded in presenting the character in all its aspects, with great success deserving of praise.

We reach the second and final sub-axis, which is the side of the church and the character of Alice, which is the side that I did not like about the story.

The church aspect of the series was the most monotonous, and most of the time it made me wonder what is the relationship of what is happening here to the crime? Also, Alice’s promise to Emily to return her son and his attempt to resurrect him was not interesting to me at all, and the side of the church did not become any significance until the emergence of important evidence related to her in the last episodes.

In general, the film’s script is very good, and it can be said that it is the secret of its first distinction, but it is the source of its only defects as well.

The dialogue in the series was very beautiful, and the variety was able to move brilliantly between black comedy, dark memories, and the development of investigations.

Actress and characters:

One of the most important features of the series was the multiple and deeply profound characters who were able to penetrate each of them enough to make me as a viewer able to understand the motives of each character.

The acting performances all range from very good to excellent, and even distinguished in one of the roles, and given the large number of characters that deserve to be delved into their details, I will only talk about four characters.

Gail Rankin as Emily Dadson:

Emily’s character is a typical character that we have seen a lot, and she is the mother who loses her infant child after his kidnapping and who is in a state of depression and severe sadness, but in our case the mother bears herself responsibility for the death of her child because she neglected him at the time of his kidnapping in addition to other reasons that will be revealed with the passing of the episodes, personality Grief and guilt reach the extremes of despair, but rather the brink of insanity, and Gail performed an excellent performance in which she embodied the character with her sadness and her physical and psychological disorders.

Tatiana Maslani as Alice:

A different and unusual personality, so Tatiana presents here the role of one of the nuns in the church who is responsible for holding religious ceremonies there. Although the character was wronged in the series despite her very dark background, Tatiana’s performance has compensated for much of that, as her dazzling ability to speak and her distinctive embodiment of the character was a wonderful thing in itself.

Matthew Reese as Perry Mason:

Perry’s character is very dark, rude, difficult to manage and most importantly, she is so strange that he gets some of his personal clothes from mortuary belongings!

Matthew Reese’s portrayal of the character was excellent, and his portrayal of the character’s development with the development of events and the escalation of the case was very impressive and deserves all praise.

John Lithgow as A.B. Jonathan:

“EB” is the best character and closest to my heart among all the series’ characters; We have here an elderly lawyer whose glory days have passed and the days of his decline have come, and despite his relentless efforts to help Emily and achieve the justice he believes in, he finds himself collapsing day after day until he faces the bitter truth that he is completely over and has no place in this field that he has always represented. It has its own world.

In addition, this personality represented a cornerstone of Perry’s personality, as he considered him both a father and a business owner.

John Lithgow’s performance was exceptional in that of the character, and the embodiment of its gradual collapse overtime was unique and must be admired.

Although the time has not expanded, the design of Detective Ines and Detective Pete, Perry’s partner, and Dela Street, should be commended.


The series preserved the dark, dark atmosphere and made most of the investigation scenes night as well for the same purpose in addition to automatically increasing the ambiguity factor.

A loving tribute to the decorations, places and cars design, which fits the thirties.

A special tribute to the costume design, which fits closely with the era in which the events of the film take place, as the clothes of each character were indicative in one way or another of their condition and taste.

Perry Mason series rating

Perry Mason is one of the most beautiful dramas of the year and has a great deal of excitement and suspense. It is definitely worth watching. The Perry Mason series rating is 8/10