Review of Amal Hayati’s story, Una Anna – The Sacrifice and Love of Sisters in the Rendering of Casting


The series Ala Anna succeeded in grabbing attention due to the closeness of its stories to reality on the one hand, and the multiplicity of its stories, which do not exceed 10 episodes on the other hand, but with the announcement of the story of Hope of My Life by star Hanan Mutawa, the anticipation increased greatly due to her success in gaining the confidence of the masses greatly.

Review of the story of the hope of my life

The story of Amal My Life revolves around the girl Amal who sacrifices her happiness and comfort in order to take care of her siblings and help each of them in marriage, work, or education, but with the passage of time she has many troubles and refusal from the brothers for her interference in their lives, what will be the result of that clash?

Scenario and dialogue

The story of the hope of my life is far from the atmosphere of excitement and suspense, as it is a purely social drama atmosphere, but this did not affect the events in one way or another, as the dramatic escalation was very successful and the authors, Sherif Yousry and Amin Jamal, succeeded in creating a state of familiarity between the scenes and the series in sequence. Good for events without haste, and boredom also missed by planting details of conflicts that put the heroine in a state of challenge and tension, which was very successful.

The scenario of Amal My Life’s story was concerned with the dramatic and emotional side alike, for the drama and conflicts within people are strongly present and with the addition of the romantic side with a number of love stories, this was very successful as neither of them prevailed over the other, and they walked side by side, but these love stories Often she was the one who eased the drama, and even if a love story is a source of conflict in one way or another, this is done without being overwhelmed by the main aspect of the events, which is a sacrifice of hope.

Hanan Mutawa is the hope of my life

The scenario dealt with sibling and non-sibling relationships well and very moving, portraying the minor differences that sometimes arise between siblings.

Although the events were close to the tragic in many cases, the scenario did not intend to add the sad touch intensely in order to achieve a commotion, and the most prominent example of this is one of the scenes of death, which we used to be filled with screaming, wailing and wailing, but that did not happen and the outcome of the event was focused on More and that was very good.

The escalation of events until reaching the climax was very good, and despite some haste in the details of some of the heroes, this did not affect the dramatic sequence that was impressive and simple, until it quietly reached the last episode, which carried many feelings that resemble the beautiful painting.

The authors are also credited with the skill of the dialogue, which was simple and enjoyable, carrying some resonant phrases, but without objectionable exaggerations, and the advantage of these phrases that anyone who hears them finds them suitable for him in one of his life situations.

Acting Performance

As for the role of Hanan Mutawa, it can be said that she turned into an actress, with a sophisticated performance, influencing scenes of sadness without screaming or exaggerated crying, and in scenes of joy, she was able to draw emotions on her features very brilliantly, to confirm that Hanan Mutawa is not a coincidence. Rather, it is because she is an actress of high caliber and is able to attract an audience that has come to trust her so deeply.

Bayoumi Fouad, I hope my life

As for Bayoumi Fouad, after serious roles in the series “Betrayal of Ahed and the Harami,” he also appeared in Amal My Life with a serious personality, and despite the small number of his episodes, he managed to create a good relationship with the audience, and it seems that Bayoumi is happy with his acting roles far from comedy, so he comes out with his best to emphasize Its capabilities.

Nour Mahmoud, the hope of my life

Nour Mahmoud presented in the character of Salim a simple and smooth performance that did not need to exaggerate to show his feelings in one way or another, but rather he was often satisfied with his facial expressions and looks only, to confirm that he is a good actor who develops clearly, and it is fair that Nour gets more opportunities in the coming period With his ability to do his best in the last period.

While the rest of the representative team was completely harmonious as a symphony led by Hanan Mutawa, so that everyone could present a distinguished level, for example, but not limited to Ahmed Kishek, Shahista Saad, Nancy Salah, Tamer Magdy, Abdullah Ashraf, Radwa Sharif, Mahmoud Yousry and Mohamed Ibrahim, as all the actors and young faces did not fail to present Appropriately character.


Director Ahmed Hassan was able to make his mark well with distinguished cadres, which were well suited to the work environment to give the work the required spirit, and Hassan needs some work to become one of the distinguished directors.

Among the points that distinguish the director is that he managed to make the darker episodes at the beginning of the story impressive and the filming and the cadre reflected that situation, and after the heroine’s living condition improved, the filming and the cadres became brighter to reflect that state of the viewer successfully.

Final evaluation of Amal Hayati’s tale

In the case of Amal Hayati’s story from the series Una Anna, the evaluation is clear to the defenders in light of the superiority of all elements of the work to obtain a rating of 9.5 / 10