That is why Slav Fawakherji did not participate in the “prestige”


Syrian actress confirmed sulaf that the current dramatic situation is not healthy at all levels and that the souls may be changed, noting that they yearned for representation with the Syrian actress Yara Sabri, recalling her experience with her in the series “virgin sweeter.”

In an interview with the Syrian media, Basil Mahrez, via Medina FM, Solaf said that the reason for her lack of work during the past period is partly personal, related to the loss of a number of her family members within two years, in addition to the fact that the actors who have remained since the beginning of the war Inside Syria, in general, their profession has been affected, and dealing with them has become “less valuable than those abroad, whom some are begging to accept a specific participation or role.”

When asked about the series “prestige”, she commented: “It does not look like me. If it is shown to me, I will not participate,” praising all the actors who participated in it, adding that she is the owner of a project and not an actress seeking to compete with others, or she narrates a dialogue only in front of the camera. On the screen all the time.