The Phantom of the Opera launches in Dubai Opera


The most famous theatrical musical “The Phantom of the Opera” was launched for the first time in the UAE in Dubai Opera yesterday evening, in front of a large audience of musical theater fans and fans of the famous show in addition to those who attend the opera for the first time.

The “Phantom of the Opera”, presented in the region by the “Broadway Entertainment Group” and Dubai Opera, is the world’s most famous and longest running musical on Broadway. It is also the highest-grossing entertainment event in theatrical history, with profits exceeding $ 6 billion.

The much-anticipated premiere of the musical was a smashing success, with a distinguished performance by one of the musical theater’s most prominent talents, Jonathan Roxmouth, in the ghost role alongside rising star Claire Lyon as the heroine of the show Christine Day and Matt Lizzie as Raul Vicomte de Changi. Upon the end of the show, attendees of the opening show were applauding for the stage show, which included gorgeous décor, stunning choreography led by JJ Noh, and more than 230 outfits with the touches of the late international fashion designer Maria Bjornson.

“After years of hard work and planning behind the scenes, we stand here with great pride today, witnessing the official premiere in the UAE of the most famous musical, The Phantom of the Opera,” said Liz Cops, Executive Director of Broadway Entertainment Group. The show was received with great enthusiasm in the Emirates, and we are very proud of the efforts of the entire staff of actors, musicians and technicians who played a major role in the amazing success of this show. We are pleased that we were able to offer the audience this unforgettable experience of a lifetime. I am absolutely sure that the play “The The Phantom of the Opera “will go down in history here in Dubai, as it has done in the rest of the world, and we encourage all theater fans, fans of the play and those who have never entered a theater to enjoy an unparalleled performance.”

The Dubai Opera 130 people will stand, from the actors and members of the orchestra, to perform the show amidst stunning decorations and breathtaking special effects, to accurately tell the events of the famous story. The actors shine in a set of up to 230 theatrical costumes bearing the imprint of the late international costume designer Maria Bjornson, making the parade an event that cannot be missed by all standards.

The play includes some of the most famous music tracks influential author Andrew Lloyd Webber, and occupies the original version of the play first site in the world after the widespread achievement, selling more than 40  million copies around the world. The play includes some of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s most influential musical pieces, including “Phantom of the Opera,” “Think of Me,” and “Music of the Night.”

The play, which is based on Gaston LeRoux’s novel “The Spectrum of the Opera,” revolves around a mutilated genius musician, nicknamed Phantom, who takes his residence from the basement of the Paris Opera House. The ghost falls in love with the soprano singer Christine, fascinated by her talent and beauty, and seeks to protect her, trying to attract her to exchange feelings. Upon discovering her relationship with a young man named Raul, his obsession begins to grow and is dominated by jealousy, madness, and adoration, and events take a dramatic turn.

The play “The Phantom of the Opera” will be shown in Dubai in cooperation between the “Broadway Entertainment Group” and Dubai Opera sponsored by “Du Life”.

Tickets for shows are currently sold out for shows running until November 9, 2019.

Times Aerdmn Monday to Thursday at 8:00 Msaoualjmah and Saturday at 2:00 noon and 8:00 the evening of no offers on Sundays

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