Ways to keep your perfume fresh for longer


The most luxurious perfumes are among a woman’s favorite things, especially if she is attending a special occasion. Therefore, the majority of women choose their perfumes from the most famous brands, which are considered the most luxurious, attractive, and charming.

Perhaps the goal of every Arab woman is to obtain luxurious and elegant perfumes that smell good, but there are many factors that spoil them and then become unfit for use. Do not disappear, because the money that you spent on your favorite perfume will not be in vain, as you can now preserve the validity of your perfume for a longer period, by following 3 easy and simple steps:

Keep your perfume in a dark place

Keep your perfume bottle in a dark place where the light cannot reach, because the light may damage the quality of the perfume.

Do not expose your perfume to the air

Air is one of the main factors that may spoil distinctive fragrances. So, avoid keeping the perfume bottle open continuously, and close it tightly. It is also better to store it in its own container, in order to preserve the fragrance for a longer period.

Take your perfume out of the heat

It is one of the important factors that spoil your perfume, because the heat may dissolve the chemicals in the perfume, which may work to reduce its smell and thus to spoil it. Therefore, there is no harm in preserving your perfume in the refrigerator, whenever you feel that the temperature is high in the place you keep the perfume.