Lake of love in Dubai


Impressed Dubai again and again many of the architectural marvels of outstanding creative designs, and surprises us every time with all that is new and out of the ordinary, and perhaps the best examples of Burj Khalifa, known as being the tallest building in the world before to replace the Creek Tower was replaced, along with garden flowers in Dubai, which In fact, it is a flower paradise and not just a garden! In addition to the Snow City in Mall of the Emirates , not to mention the Palm Island,  which fascinates minds as it is the largest artificial island in the world and other attractions and places in Dubai.

The phrase Lake of Love

Which has taken a special place for it in the honorable history of the country, and one of which will be the focus of our conversation today, as we will shed light on the Lake of Love Dubai, a heart-shaped island in Dubai that gained wide fame since the first day it shone on the land of Dubai. Get to know the garden of love in Dubai!


Have you ever heard of a lake or lovers’ island in Dubai? The Lake of Love is a man-made heart-shaped lake that forms part of the Al Qudra chain of lakes in Dubai , and is a painting decorated with young Ghaf trees that surround it on all sides. The lake is designed in a very literal way, and perhaps what will catch your attention most is the word “Love” written with the trees that were planted next to this picturesque lake and the trees carved on its stumps the word “Love” as well. 

This lake has been a turning point in the world of tourist destinations in the Emirates since it was suddenly announced by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, may God protect him, in 2018, and became a meeting place for visitors from different regions of the world from many cultures and languages ​​but They only have one thing in common, and that is love!

 Here are the most important advantages of Heart Island in Dubai:

  • Lake of Love Dubai is home to more than 150 species of birds and animals
  • The land area of ​​Heart Island in Dubai is about 550,000 square meters
  • The Lake and Garden of Love in Dubai includes about 16,000 olive trees, Samar, Sidr and Ghaf, as well as 800,000 various shrubs
  • Lake Heart Dubai offers 3 walkways with a total length of nearly 7 km


There are many desert activities in Dubai that you can do, on top of which is visiting the lakes of love, Dubai, which also provides you with a variety of activities that ensure you spend a wonderful time in the heart of the desert. Here are the highlights of the Dubai Lake and Love Park activities:

Explore nature

The lake or the island of love in Dubai is the nature lovers’ first choice when searching for natural places full of green trees and animals such as deer, desert foxes and oryx, as well as distinctive birds, especially those endangered, such as falcons with convex beaks. So if you are one of them this is a golden opportunity that cannot be missed at all!

Watch sunset

As everyone knows, sunsets can clear your mind and give you a feeling of reassurance and happiness! Let your imagination run wild and watch the sunset on Dubai’s Love Island.


Barbecue is one of the most favorite activities for visitors in Dubai’s Love Lake or Garden. Indeed, there is nothing better than listening to delicious meat barbecues in the arms of nature and eating what is delicious with family and friends.

Take pacture

Even if you are addicted to photography, the beauty of Love Lakes Dubai will make you forget this hobby without even realizing it, but you cannot leave this magical place without taking beautiful pictures and keeping them in your memories album.


A medium-sized tent a warm fire hot food and a session full of laughter and memories is something that cannot be overlooked! You can camp with your family or friends near the lakes of love in Dubai in the most famous camping sites and places in Dubai , where you can spend an unforgettable time with your loved ones, as desert camping in the UAE is an experience that never takes place!

Relax and meditate

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the Lake and Garden of Love in Dubai provides you with a calm atmosphere in the shadow of nature, where you can relax and rearrange your thoughts away from life’s work and problems. This wonderful destination is also called a lake or lovers’ island in Dubai, despite the many romantic places in Dubai , the Lake of Love is the perfect choice for couples who want to spend special moments with each other, and therefore you will notice that couples allocate a day of the honeymoon program in Dubai to visit it.


After completing the search for a dream dress in the most famous wedding dress store in Dubai and finding what makes you shine on this special day, the next plan comes to search for the best wedding halls in Dubai with your partner, but have you ever thought about breaking the rules and doing something out of the ordinary? There are many places for weddings in Dubai and some may be surprised that the Lake of Love Dubai is about to become one of the most favorite places for those wishing to hold a dazzling wedding, so why not go through this amazing experience?

Some pictures

Love lakes in Dubai
Gate of the lake of love


As for the location of Love Lakes in Dubai, it is 10 minutes away from Al Qudra Lakes and occupies a distinctive location in the middle of the Dubai desert near the Marmoom Reserve and the Pelican Reserve in Al Lisaili. If you are thinking about how to get to the Love Lakes in Dubai, you can follow these steps:

  • Take Emirates Road (E611) on the way to Buhaira from Sharjah towards Jebel Ali
  • Continue walking on the street until you reach Exit No. 35, and then you have to turn around and return, then go to exit Power No. 35 located about 200 meters away
  • Access to the roundabout located 20 km from Exit 35
  • Turn left when passing the horse statue in the middle of the road
  • Reach another roundabout and take the indicated road until you reach the lake


One of the best advantages that you may be absent from your mind is that the admission fee to Lake of Love Ability is free, so all you have to do is ride in the car and bring some delicious food and drinks for a walk and enjoy the beauty and charm of nature.