Dima Bayaa reveals the truth about her separation from her husband

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The Syrian actress, Dima Bayaa, denied the news of her separation from her husband, Ahmed El-Helou, confirming that the news that was circulated on social media “was analyzed in a wrong way.”

Bayaa published through her account in “Instagram” a picture via the story feature, in which she wrote: “There is no truth to what some social media reported about my comment on the image of Ahmed El-Helou with an offensive comment, as one of the sites modified the comment.”

She indicated that her comment “was in response to a person who placed an abusive comment that personally harms me, prompting me to respond to it in an inappropriate manner consistent with the nature of the comment and delete the comment after it.”

Regarding the song that she published, it was circulated and talking about the separation, which followers considered an indication of separation from her husband, she explained that it is a “trend”, asking people not to enter into the privacy of her life and not to circulate news that she described as incorrect.

Bayaa’s denial came after she sparked controversy by commenting on the photo of her husband, Ahmed El-Helou, with his friend and girlfriend, and the photos were widely circulated on social media, which prompted the news of their separation to spread widely.