Do you know what Mohammed Salah means by his goal celebration actions?

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If you are a soccer fan, you might have seen how different and peculiar are the celebrations by the players when they score a goal. This turns out to be more special when the Egyptian star footballer Mohammed Salah explains what he means by his various goal celebration gestures. Most of the celebrations of this Liverpool’s most wanted player are standard, but still some of them are peculiar.

If you’re a bit perplexed by Salah’s celebrations and want to know what they mean, then you’ve come to the right place.

Salah’s yoga celebration

Towards the end of the 2018-19 season, Salah debuted a celebration which would have been immediately familiar to anyone who does yoga. After scoring Liverpool’s second in their 2-0 victory over Chelsea at Anfield, the Egypt international stood before supporters, raised his left leg to the knee on his right leg and put his hands together as if in prayer.

“I am a yoga man!” a delighted Salah told Sky Sports after the game. “I do yoga and it just came into my mind.” The pose, which is known as ‘the tree’ in yoga, signifies balance and grounding, which led one yoga teacher to speculate that the forward was expressing his sense of commitment to Liverpool. Salah has since produced the celebratory pose in games for Egypt and it looks to be one of his favoured methods of enjoying his goals.

Salah’s nose celebration

During the 2019 Champions League final against Tottenham, Salah performed an unusual celebration after scoring Liverpool’s opening goal. The Reds star crossed his index fingers in an ‘X’ before bringing them up to either side of his nose and closing his nostrils, while simultaneously sticking out his tongue.

Salah has yet to explain the thinking behind it, but the bizarre move could simply have been a playful taunt – given the sticking out of the tongue – aimed at Spurs supporters.

Salah and outstretched arms

One of Salah’s most iconic celebrations involves him standing before the crowd, his face emotionless with his arms outstretched. It is a celebratory stance which calls to mind the famous scene from Ridley Scott’s Gladiator, in which Russell Crowe’s character Maximus sardonically asks the crowd, ‘are you not entertained?’

The outstretched arms could also be a nod to the song Liverpool fans sing in tribute to Salah, in which he is characterised as an Egyptian king, as he stands triumphantly before his people.

Salah and prayer (Sujud) celebration

Like many footballers, Salah is deeply religious and one thing that is a constant in each of his celebratory routines is to perform a prayer of thanks by getting to his knees and placing his head on the ground.

The act is known as sujud and it is also performed by a number of Muslim footballers across the world, including Salah’s Liverpool team-mate Sadio Mane. “It’s something like praying or like thank God for what I have received, but yeah, it’s just praying and praying for a win. I’ve always done that since I was young, everywhere”, Salah told the media. Salah and Mane are by no means alone in praying after scoring either, with the likes of Neymar and others notably making the Christian sign of the cross and pointing to the sky.