Kim Kardashian celebrates the 40 champion gold luxury

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It seems that Kim Kardashian has spent a lot of money on her own celebratory birthday of 40, which was estimated at the US $ million, on a tropical island with a group of relatives and friends, in the midst of the epidemiological crisis in the world. Celebrity news sites reported that the reality TV star took a private Boeing 777 from Los Angeles to Tahiti, accompanied by her sisters Courtney, Chloe, and Kendall, while Kim’s husband, rapper Kanye West, joined them later.

We had to stop by Kim Kardashian’s view on this luxurious holiday, which in turn is considered luxurious and expensive.

Star Keeping Up With The Kardashians celebrated the anniversary of 4 0 with members of her family and close friends on the beach of a private island in Tahiti, and wore for the occasion dress vintage gold color from a designer Vivienne Westwood Iconic Spring 1988 titled “Time Machine”, Its value is estimated at approximately $10 thousand. This dress is one of the rare pieces that has been exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

It consists of the design of Corsets golden and white, related to abdominal short Btnorh decorated Baltnaat golden color, coordinated with Kim Sandal luxury sticking body Mall is open from the back, from the signature designer Amina Performer Amina Muaddi, and costs $890 USD.


These were not views Kim only on the occasion of the anniversary of the 40  as already celebrated before her trip to Tahiti, Pfstan another golden color of the signature Dolce & brand Gabbana Dolce & Gabbana features a style mini Mini dress and their stories narrow and exposed chest, coordinated with lighter golden ribbons Sparkling crystals by René Caovilla.