The “safe zone” at Yas Circuit the new standard for holding international sporting events


Nazzal Island from UFC achieved great success last July, and despite the challenges posed by the Corona pandemic, Abu Dhabi succeeded in devising and implementing the concept of a “safe zone” for Nazzal Island from UFC.

At a time when all global events have stopped, the UAE capital confirmed its ability to host global events with a commitment to applying the most accurate health and safety standards, thus setting a new standard for hosting international sporting events and tournaments in a safe and healthy environment.

With the return to Nazzal Island, which is currently hosted by Yas Island, the peculiarity of the safe zone is highlighted by highlighting Abu Dhabi’s position as a global destination for the largest international sporting and tourism events, and by showing the emirate’s readiness to receive its visitors, especially with the hosting of the Indian Premier Cricket League and the ongoing preparations to host the Federation Prize race. Flying Grand F1 next December amid similar health and precautionary measures.

Within the framework of the strict protocols followed to ensure the health and safety of all organizers and participants in the return events to Al-Nazzal Island, the safe area established on Yas Island over an area of ​​6 square kilometers has been closed, and includes the Battles Arena and a group of hotels, in addition to training facilities and Yas Beach, as well as entertainment outlets. Sports and food.

Thanks to these wonderful facilities that the safe zone embraces, the fighters and participants praised the high standards that they have achieved on Yas Island, while some saw that the experience they spend in the safe zone is like staying in a tourist resort, with their assertion that they feel the highest levels of safety and security due to the approved health procedures. , Enabling them to focus on their training and preparations for the battles.

Access to the area is restricted to the athletes, their coaches, employees and crews of UFC, in addition to the Yas Island personnel necessary to ensure continued operations on the island.

The strict health and safety measures followed in the safe zone include the application of a precautionary quarantine period for all fighters, participants and organizers, in addition to undergoing periodic checks for Covid-19 virus throughout their stay.

In addition, all individuals present in the safe zone are required to wear face masks permanently while adhering to the rules of social distancing at all times, with guiding posters to leave a spacing distance of not less than two meters in all lounges and facilities.

Abu Dhabi had achieved one of the best, fastest and most organized models of responding to the pandemic in the world, and government agencies in Abu Dhabi cooperated with each other to implement a comprehensive plan aimed at ensuring the health and safety of the emirate’s residents and visitors alike.

The response included health sterilization campaigns at the city level, and one of the highest rates of examination in the world according to the number of inhabitants, in addition to the accuracy in applying the rules of social distancing in public places, and the procedures followed in the safe zone come to complete and support these measures.

After UFC 253, UFC Fight Night: Hulme vs. Aldana, and UFC Fight Night Moraes v Sandhagen, the comeback activities will continue next Sunday with UFC Fight Night: Ortega vs. Korean Zimbi “to conclude on October 24th with the highly anticipated fight of the most famous UFC champion Habib Nur Mammadov during the UFC 254: Nurmuhamedov vs. Gaetji.”