UAE Falconry League launched


The first rounds of the Emirates Falconry League, organized by the Abu Dhabi Falconers Club and the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Center for the Revival of Heritage, kicked off today at the Fazza Championship for Falconry “Al Talwah”, in the Al Ruwaiya area in Dubai.

The inaugural round of the Emirates Falconry League, which was held in a system that each team competed with the other with four Falcons across the half, saw Al-Gharbi and Habshan teams tied 2-2, Dubai and Al-Taf tied with the same score 2-2, and defending champion Al-Sermi beat Nomas 3-1, a tie. Elite and the Emirates 2-2, and Nad Al Sheba defeated the Suqour Al Ain, 3-1.

Tomorrow the second round of the Falconry League competitions will be held, and 5 confrontations will take place, bringing together: Nomas and Al Nukhba, Taf and Al Sirmi, Nad Al Sheba and the Emirates, Falcons of Al Ain and Al Gharbi, Habshan and Dubai.

On the other hand, the eighth day of the Fazza Falconry Championship witnessed the holding of the “Al-Qarmousha” class for the public and the angel, and in the public races, the first place in the Qarmousha run was equal to the Rammash Farkh, each of: Hussein Nasser Lootah, the Qarmousha stroke, the Ramzan Farkh, with the bird “HL4 And “SS Falcon” with the bird “Haffa” after both flights achieved the same time at a time of 18,421 seconds, followed by Abdullah Khalfan Al Qubaisi with the bird “Al Dhafra” with 18,461 seconds, and third for Saeed Hilal Al Mansouri with the bird “Qatneh” with 18,874 seconds.

Hazaa Muhammad al-Mahmoud won the Qarmoucheh Jarnas run, the symbol, with the “Troadah” bird at a time of 18,245 seconds, secondly, Hussein Nasser Lootah with the bird, “recruiting” at a time of 18,246 seconds, and thirdly, Ghadeer Suhail Al-Ketbi with the bird “Ajayib” at 18,620 seconds.

The Al-Fursan team won the main run of Qarmousha Farkh, with the bird “FR 126”, at a time of 19,139 seconds, followed by the Dubai team in the bird “Hatta” at 19,273 seconds, and third, Muhammad Farouk Abdul Karim Baltiir “G8”, 19,418 seconds.

Hamid Rashid Al-Mansoori won the main race of Qarmousha Jernas, with “87”, with a time of 19,333 seconds, followed by Khalfan Shafi Al-Mansouri with the bird “GR16” with 19,760 seconds, and third, Saeed Hilal Al-Mansouri, with the bird “G4”, 19,810 seconds.

In Al-Malak’s runs, Hamid Muhammad Al-Tayer won the Al-Rammusha run by the symbol, G73, at 19,676 seconds, and Rashid Saeed Al-Mansouri came second with the bird “Caspian” by 19,739 seconds, and third, Muhammad Rashid Al-Mansouri with the bird “Bidaya” by 19,940 seconds.

Ahmad Muhammad Al-Sabousi achieved first place in the Al-Rammoush Jarnas race, with a bird “G6” at a time of 18,662 seconds, secondly, Obaid bin Shanh Al-Ketbi, with a bird “Kahl”, at a time of 18,718 seconds, and third, Ghanem Ali Al-Dhaheri, with a bird, “Lockerbie”, with 19,140 seconds.

Tariq Obaid Al-Zarif won the Al-Rassi Farkh Al-Raeesh race, with Al-Tayer “Dana” in 20,681 seconds, followed by Khamis Ismail Al-Mansouri with the bird “Khoumeh” with 21,327 seconds, and Rashid Abdullah Al-Marri with the bird “Ghozlan” with 21,426 seconds.

Second, Abdullah Jumah Al Falasi, won first place in Qarmousha Jirnas main run, with the bird “J2” at a time of 20,033 seconds, followed by Butti Ahmed bin Mujren in the bird “G819” with 20,100 seconds, and Saif Khalfan Al Mansouri in the bird “Marziah” with 20,320 seconds.

Muhammad Khalfan Al-Mansouri won the Qarmoucheh Farkh Al-Naqi run, in Al-Tair “G12” in 21,352 seconds, followed by Mubarak Matar Al-Khaili, who won the second and third places in Al-Tair “Sharara” with 21,397 seconds, and Al-Bird “Barqah” by 21,406 seconds.

And the phenomenon of “teams” imposed itself on the competitions of this version of the championship, specifically in the “public” races, with the increasing participation of teams such as: Dubai, Al-Forsan and Jebel Ali.