“UAE Warriors 13” will be launched from Dubai the day after tomorrow with the participation of 26 fighters


The Organizing Committee of the “Emirates Warriors” Championship for Mixed Martial Arts has completed the final preparations for organizing the 13th edition in Dubai for the first time in the history of the tournament since its launch in 2012. Blue Waters Island.

This afternoon, the organizing committee held a press conference, during which Fouad Darwish, Chairman of the Committee and General Manager of Palms Sports Company, revealed the details of the upcoming version, where he began his speech by thanking the tournament family with all its technical and administrative staff, and all of the fighters who participated in it over 12 previous versions, confirming that The tournament owes its success and impressive results to Abu Dhabi.

He pointed out that the championship should return to its original home in Abu Dhabi, starting from the next edition.

He added that organizing this edition in the Emirate of Dubai is considered the first practical step in future expansion plans, which begin with implementing at least one copy in each of the emirates of the state, and then fly the championship towards global horizons outside the borders of the country through its establishment as well in a number of famous capitals.

Darwish praised the cooperation and support of the official responsible sports authorities in the Emirate of Dubai, led by the Dubai Sports Council, especially in light of the current conditions of the emerging Corona virus pandemic, which the whole world is still suffering from.

This tournament includes 13 strong fights, bringing together 26 fighters from 21 countries, where the main fight will witness the first defense of the British giant Che Louis Barry for his heavyweight title against the strongest opponents he has faced so far. The arenas, including “UFC”, in which he faced some of the most famous fighters, such as Clover Teixeira, Joey Beltran, Corey Andersen, and Stipe Miuchis, the current UFC heavyweight champion.

The main joint fight is witnessing a fierce confrontation between two fighters of high technical level, Dagestan Islam Mammadov of Habib Nur Mamedov’s team against South Korean Kyung Pyo Kim, as Islam will seek through this confrontation to restore his successive series of victories after his last match ended in a draw in Last October after 17 successive victories.

The UAE warriors’ fights will not be complete without the participation of the female component, as the fighting card contains two women’s fights, the first of which is between two new faces participating for the first time in the tournament, namely the Greek Christina Stleo and the Australian Casey O’Neill, and in the second final confrontations, the Frenchman Manon Fioro returns after presenting one of the strongest fights in The history of the tournament during the past 12th edition, in which it displayed a combination of technical skill, physical strength and the ability to control the pace of the fight, and Fioro meets the Dutchman Naomi Tataroglu.

After suffering a training injury that prevented him from being able to participate in this version, Cameroonian Joris Dia was replaced by the Kazakhstani Taksim Zapitov, who has a clean professional record, with 7 wins and zero defeats, to face Moroccan Javier Alawi, who belongs to the TriStar Club in Canada under the leadership of veteran coach Firas Dahabi, who left Under his hand is a bunch of UFC’s brightest stars, headed by Georges Saint-Pierre, Rory MacDonald, Kevin Lee and many others.

On his return to the Emirati Warriors Arena, Abdullah al-Boushahri, the most popular Kuwaiti in the Arab world, faces his strongest rival ever so far, the Irish Dean Barry, the former world kickboxing champion and one of the most crowned athletes in the world in that sport and who decided to move to the world of martial arts Mixed only two years ago by joining the “SBG” club, the same club that “UFC” superstar Connor Macregor joined.

The fights are expected to start at exactly 6 pm on Friday 25 September and broadcast on the Abu Dhabi Sports Channel in the Middle East and North Africa. All fights can be followed through digital broadcasting platforms such as mmatv.co.uk and Jungo TV, as well as through the championship channel on the website.