ADNOC successfully completes the first phase of its AI-driven predictive maintenance project


The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) announced today that it has successfully completed the implementation of the first phase of its predictive maintenance project, which aims to monitor and analyze the efficiency and integrity of its assets and raise and enhance their effectiveness in its various operations that include exploration, development, production, processing and refining.

The project applies artificial intelligence techniques such as machine learning and digital twinning to monitor assets and their efficiency and analyze data, and then predict faults before they happen to avoid the possibility of sudden equipment stops, reduce emergency equipment maintenance times, enhance security and safety and reduce costs, as predictive maintenance is expected to contribute to reducing maintenance costs. By up to 20%, the project also contributes to the sustainability of operations and increases the reliability of production.

The integration and adoption of digital technology is a major focus of ADNOC’s strategy, which aims to increase profitability from every barrel of oil produced to enhance the value and economic return of the UAE. The predictive maintenance project, announced in November 2019, is being implemented in four phases and is one of the largest predictive maintenance projects. In the oil and gas sector.

Abdel Moneim Saif Al Kindi, CEO of ADNOC’s Human Resources, Technology and Corporate Support Department said: “The completion of the first phase of this project is a major achievement in light of the scope and scale of ADNOC’s predictive maintenance project. This project has contributed to significant operational benefits and savings in Costs, and we are committed to moving forward in adopting digital technology and artificial intelligence and expanding the use of its applications to support our continuous efforts and endeavors aimed at improving performance, enhancing and increasing the value of our business in various fields and stages of the oil and gas sector. “

The implementation of the comprehensive predictive maintenance project comes in line with ADNOC’s program to accelerate the pace of digital transformation and expand the use of its applications by adopting the latest advanced technologies across the various fields and stages of its business in the oil and gas sector. The first phase of the project includes the modeling and monitoring of 160 turbines, a centrifugal pump and gas compression equipment in six Subsidiaries of the ADNOC Group. Upon completion of its four phases by 2022, the project will provide centralized monitoring of around 2,500 critical equipment and assets across all ADNOC Group companies.

The Predictive Maintenance Platform is one of the main departments of the Panorama Digital Control Center located at ADNOC Headquarters, and is implemented in partnership with Honeywell by leveraging its modern predictive analytics platform.

The predictive maintenance project is one of many digital transformation initiatives undertaken by ADNOC to adopt the latest advanced technologies across the various fields and stages of its business in the oil and gas sector. Other digital initiatives of the company also include the Panorama Digital Control Center that uses artificial intelligence applications and big data, and the Thumama Center for the Study of Petroleum Reserves, which uses smart analytics and artificial intelligence platforms, computer vision technologies and big data modeling tools to improve the performance of the value chain components and the chain. Blocks’ to calculate hydrocarbon resources.