Russian coating increases the speed of transporting oil and gas through pipelines

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Russian scientists at the Yaroslav State Technological University have been able to manufacture a coating that increases the speed of transporting hydrocarbons (oil and gas) through pipelines.

Professor Alexander Eileen, Head of the University’s Department of Chemical Technology, said that the new coating, designed on the basis of polymers and formed materials, has a roughness of 0.18 to 0.35 micrometers, which leads to a reduction in the friction force between the walls of the pipes and the fuels they transport, and thus greatly increases the speed of transporting hydrocarbons. /oil and gas/.

The RIA Novosti news agency quoted Eileen as saying that the roughness of the pipe coating decreased today to 3-5 micrometers, compared to the roughness of the 400-centimeter pipe coating, which reached 50 micrometres, which allowed us to increase the maximum speed of gas transportation by 18% from 8.25 million Cubic meters to 9.91 million cubic meters every day.

It is noteworthy that oil and gas pipelines remain today a major means of transporting large quantities of oil and gas over long distances.