Anna de Armas soft feminine block

Royalty & Celebrity

During the exit, accompanied by her boyfriend actor Ben Affleck and his children in one of the most exquisite Pacific Palisades neighborhoods of Los Angeles, the star was seen Ana de Armas feminine view Monukromeh color SUMO light, consisted of a cherub Top has coordinated with the maxi skirt decorated Baltnaat.

While it was expected that this feminine look would be complemented by stiletto heels or ballerinas, the Hollywood star turned to white and red sneakers. She tied a gray pullover on her shoulders, protecting her from the cold breeze. She did not hesitate to wear a medical mask in order to preserve her safety from the Covid 19 epidemic, and she chose it in white. 

As for jewelry, Anna paired her soft look with a gold watch that adorned her left wrist and a set of soft bracelets on her right wrist. What is your impression?