Dubai Canvas concludes its fifth session with artistic techniques that cross the boundaries of imagination


The activities of the fifth session of the “Dubai Canvas” Festival, organized by Brand Dubai, the creative arm of the Dubai Government Media Office, were concluded yesterday 31-08-2020, in partnership with “Meraas” Holding, in the “City Walk” area in Dubai for a month. The whole ceremony was attended by the activities that met with great attendance and a distinguished presence of art lovers who were keen to follow the activities of the most prominent event of its kind in the region and visit its headquarters to see the works of a group of the most famous pioneers of contemporary art and innovators from inside and outside the UAE.

Nihal Badri, Director of Brand Dubai, the creative arm of the Dubai Government Media Office, said that the projects and initiatives that are developed and implemented by Brand Dubai in cooperation with a group of strategic partners aim to translate the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE. Ruler of Dubai “may God protect him” to transform Dubai into an open museum, in an innovative framework that reflects the spirit that is unique to it as a modern city. Creativity constitutes an integral element of its distinction in various fields.

She added: “Our work is always based on Dubai’s approach based on spreading the causes of coexistence, cooperation and rapprochement between people and spreading the elements of happiness and hope. We are always inspired by the thought and vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ideas that translate His Highness’s saying: / The next is better / Let us make Dubai society a model for optimistic societies that elevate creativity and employ it as a means of development and growth, as well as understanding and rapprochement between the various cultures that live on its land. “

The director of “Brand Dubai” thanked everyone who contributed to the success of the festival in its fifth session, and singled out thanks to the “Meraas” Holding Group, for its great efforts with “Brand Dubai” to spread the thought of creativity and encourage creative people, especially the local energies that find in this event a window. Ideal for expressing their creativity, the opportunity to connect with the public directly, and gain more experiences through contact with creative artists from the region and the world.

For her part, Shaima Al Suwaidi, Creative Projects Director at Brand Dubai, said: “We were very pleased with the audience’s turnout to follow the festival, and this came as a result of the wide echo that the event found through various media, which had a great impact in stimulating the public’s interest in exploring what the event will present. Those who were keen to follow it up in its fifth year, “… noting that preventive and precautionary measures were always present to preserve the health and safety of visitors and artists, in compliance with the instructions received from the concerned authorities on the necessity to apply the guidelines for these measures, especially physical spacing and the use of masks.”

Regarding the Emirati and Arab participation in the festival, she explained that, “Like all initiatives and projects implemented by Brand Dubai, we have made sure that the Emirati and Arab presence is tangible and strong within the festival’s activities, and to achieve this we have opened the door for participation for the first time for everyone to present their innovative talents.” Noting that the local participation within the various activities of “Dubai Canvas” represents a major pillar of the festival, which places on top of its goals the introduction of Emirati creators, especially the youth, and creating a new space to display their work, in line with Brand Dubai’s approach to encouraging Emirati creative energies. .

And in continuation of the “Dubai Canvas” mission that seeks to take creative arts outside the walls of its traditional sites, bring it closer to the public, and place it in a family-oriented and entertaining theme, this year the festival highlighted a variety of new artistic forms under the slogan “Traveling through Art”, As part of a general call to fly in the contemporary art spaces alongside the art of 3D drawing, which is the most prominent feature of the festival since its launch in 2015.

Within the wide space that the festival allocates to Emirati artists, the fifth edition of the festival witnessed a prominent local participation of three Emirati artists who shared their creativity with international artists, including the artist Saqqaf Al Hashemi, the artist Mahra Al Falahi, and the artist Ahmed Al Mahri.

The Spanish artist Juandres Vera, who is one of the world leaders in the art of 3D drawing, also participated in the creation of the festival’s paintings for this year. During his participation in the festival, the international artist Milan Catanic presented distinguished creations using the technique of “pendulum painting”.

Within the framework of the festival’s goals aimed at bringing creative arts closer to the public in an unconventional manner, Brand Dubai presented an agenda full of more than 15 activities in various artistic fields that met with great response from the audience. In a specific initiative, “Dubai Canvas” provided the opportunity for the public from Different ages and nationalities, to share with the festival visitors their diverse talents.

During the weekends, “Dubai Canvas” hosted a group of Emirati and Arab talents, who presented creative performances that uniquely combined classical and modern musical styles. Some talents also presented performances that varied between playing and singing, house-box, ballet, comedy sessions, and laser shows, Sand painting, and other innovative recreational arts.

The headquarters of the “Dubai Canvas” in “City Walk” represented an additional attraction for the festival, as the “Meraas” group plays an important role as one of the companies committed to its institutional role as an active partner in various development paths, not only on the economic level, but also at the societal level. And the launch of urban projects of a modern nature and initiatives aimed at creating a positive impact that adds features to the future of the Emirate of Dubai.

The festival area was full of panoramas and creations that reflect the richness of world cultures and their blending on the land of Dubai, reflecting its pioneering position as a cultural center that combines the cultures of the East and the West through a unique example of the best forms of coexistence.