Dubai hosts the World Golf Awards ceremony, attended by representatives of 40 countries


Dubai hosted the World Golf Awards ceremony on 29th- the highest annual award in the game field – in the presence of active guests in the golf field from more than 40 countries from different continents of the world, and the Saudi Golf Company won the Vision Award.

The organizers celebrated the best destinations and playgrounds in the world of golf, as the awards aim to honor and celebrate those who excel in the world of golf tourism and to draw attention to their stadiums and global destinations.

The crowning of “Golf Saudi” came as a result of the exceptional contribution in supporting the growth strategy of the game in light of its clear local role in supporting golf and its activation of the first initiative aimed at the sustainability of the game.

Yasser Al-Rumayyan, President of the Saudi Golf and Golf Federation of Saudi Arabia, said that a recognition of this size and during a forum for the value of the international golf awards is definitely a great honor that gives us an additional motivation to continue working on the development and development of the game in Saudi Arabia. We have made great efforts to ensure building a comprehensive strategy capable of developing the game even though we are still We are living the stages of the formation of our plan, and therefore a tribute of this size gives us more confidence in the way we are taking to ensure the sustainability of the game and the development of its facilities and the ability of this plan to continue achieving results over the coming years.

For his part, Chris Forrest, Executive Director of the World Golf Awards, said I have seen closely over the past years the accelerated work aimed at developing golf tourism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I believe that the golf industry in the world will start to see the region as a leader in game development and sustainability.

The World Golf Awards, which were launched in 2014, aim to raise the standards of developing golf tourism by honoring the best destinations for the game around the world.