The “Sheikh Zayed Festival” provides its visitors with enjoyable interactive experiences and entertainment activities within a safe and healthy environment


The “Sheikh Zayed Festival” opened its doors to receive thousands of visitors from families and individuals who flocked to enjoy the activities of the great global educational, educational, cultural and cultural event, and to go through fun interactive experiences to learn about the various civilizations of the world through pavilions and posts that showcase multiple aspects of cultures and heritage Popular to dozens of Gulf, Arab and international countries.

The festival – which kicked off yesterday in the Al Wathba area in Abu Dhabi and lasts for three months – is devoted to its visitors thousands of entertainment and educational events, shows and workshops that sail them in spaces of fun, excitement, excitement and challenge to simulate and interact with them, as it gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy thousands of artistic performances, performances and wonderful folkloric songs offered by dozens of International teams in their traditional costumes of distinctive colors, as the stages of the theaters constructed in all the wings witness a wide range of different folklore and folkloric songs from the Gulf, Arab and international levels.

The audience is on a daily schedule at eight o’clock in the evening with the “March of World Civilizations”. This is the most prominent exhibition event that witnesses the reviews of the Gulf, Arab and international artistic groups participating in the festival, which present their representations of the arts of their countries in a remarkable and unique scene that indicates harmony and rapprochement. Between different cultures and international arts in the festival squares on the land of the Emirates.

With its dazzling artistic displays, its colorful laser lights and its swaying water to enjoyable musical rhythms, the Emirates Fountain captivates the eyes and minds of visitors, giving them a special kind of pleasure, wrapped with distinctive video clips through its electronic screens that give it additional pleasure that complements the aesthetic scene and the state of dazzling visitors experience every half. An hour throughout the day throughout the festival period.

One of the most prominent recreational areas that receive a great turnout from families, individuals and children is the International Amusement Park, this huge entertainment city that is designed to be suitable for different ages of the festival visitors, as it includes a large group of fun, exciting and exciting games, which were designed and equipped according to the highest international safety and security standards followed in These games.

The Supreme Organizing Committee of the festival has put the children in mind, allocating many areas and activities that give them fun in an educational and entertaining format, most notably the Kids Nish area located near Gate No. 3, which includes many fun activities and recreational facilities. Provided for children in educational and educational templates that encourage them to develop their skills, explore their talents, and develop their creative sense and teamwork spirit.

The festival has dedicated to lovers of international and traditional food many areas, corners and food carts through which visitors can taste the best and most delicious dishes and new items from various countries of the world, as well as enjoy watching the methods of preparing them and getting to know them directly by the most skilled chefs, who give visitors the opportunity to participate in preparing hundreds Of international food and dishes throughout the festival.

In order to complete the fun in a safe, healthy environment that guarantees the safety of visitors and participants, the Supreme Organizing Committee of the festival, in cooperation with the competent authorities, works to implement precautionary measures to prevent the Coronavirus, starting with entry gates and visitor checks through thermal cameras, and to ensure that they wear masks, Passing through real-time monitoring of visitors in the festival areas and pavilions and ensuring that everyone is committed to wearing masks and leaving safety distances and physical distancing, as well as the numerical density of visitors, especially in the event areas, sales outlets and corridors leading to the pavilions and squares opposite them, and ending with the exit processes of visitors from the festival area, which are also done. Through dedicated areas that ensure not to mix with the coming of the festival.