How is social media transforming the art world?


It is no secret to anyone that digital means have significantly affected the entire world as it brought people closer to each other and thus proceeded to revolutionize the world of art, which was liberated from the borders of galleries and art centers, thus it underwent a major transformation that affected its inception, promotion, sale, and purchase. Fine arts, photography, directing Social media has become a very important practical base for all fields of art and for anyone looking to excel in this field.

“At the beginning of the two thousand years, I began to practice my hobby sometimes in graphic design,” explains visual artist Ismail Al-Zaidi.

The practice of digital art is centered around creating computer-generated pieces, whether by scanning or drawing with the use of a mouse and tablet device, via CGI software or even Instagram. This includes digitally recorded videos as well as photos. Creating a digital masterpiece requires the same skill and creativity required to create any other art. It is wonderful that a new form of art exists today thanks to this digital age. But artists and art lovers alike need or continue to adapt to this changing world. Quickly and digital artists are slowly gaining fame. Brands today want to collaborate with artists because they have a special style that they cannot find among others. This definitely helps the development of art.

With the technological advancements opening the doors for people to create digital art, a giant platform for social media sites and applications has been created in order to share and buy art more easily.

However, technology is a double-edged sword, as the former allows the audience to play an important role in making images, making artists unite in love and hate at the same time. It is true that the numbers open the doors and pave the way for artists to do some of the things they want and introduce to the press, curators of the opposition, and others

We are all surrounded by many people who have many followers, but the content they provide is most important. As they become increasingly visible and acquainted with them and their work, artists are at risk of being restricted to making art based solely on what people might like. A large number of artists are afraid of imposing a new creative concept for this reason.