Do you want a brief knowledge of cinema?


There are many people, who do not know what cinema is, despite the fact that there are many academies and institutes that teach this art as a primary or secondary curriculum, but this concept remains vague at the general level, as many people consider that cinema is an art Inferior to others and cannot be considered a stand-alone art.

 This is because it relies on other arts, it’s borrowing from theater and literature, and its dependence on dance, music, and architecture, and this phenomenon is also faced by Western cinema in questioning whether it is an art or not.

Rudolf Arnheim the German defends cinema as an art in itself, but he denied cinema’s relationship with reality, but rather that it creates its own reality, and he supported the idea of ​​silent film and an image with a pure aesthetic concept, but on the other hand Andre Bazan believed that the importance of cinema is in its embodiment of reality for that The social concept is highlighted here over the aesthetic concept.

Cinema origins:

The idea of photography was present in prehistoric times as man tried to photograph some elements in his environment on the walls of the caves in which he lived, that this concept developed over the years to see it in its current form, and cinema is considered one of the most important factors in forming a public opinion as it met Great acceptance by the masses because of its characteristics that attract the audience, as it combines image, dialogue, performance, and music, as it discusses a range of social, cultural and economic problems.

The development of cinema themes:

Cinema achieved a great awareness during its twenty years of its career, as Rossellini and Bazan were the leaders of this development, as Bazan believed that modern cinema was free from the restrictions of the classical style, and the main reason behind this change was the subject or content of what was shown in the cinema.

One of the most important functions of cinema is the entertainment function, which is represented in enjoying free time by watching movies and other things, and this function is the first for cinema, the advertising function, and then the aesthetic function. Where cinema is considered one of the fine arts, and this is one of the most important jobs, and finally the educational function, which is represented in presenting some educational lessons in various fields.