Kingdom of the Devil 2: Lane of Heaven enters Hell!


There is no doubt that the series Kingdom of Satan 2, which was shown on the Shahid platform – is full of creative moments and elements of strength that made us watch an outstanding work, but does this mean that the makers of work successfully passed the test?

From where the first part ends, the Kingdom of Satan 2 begins, and we know how the Heaven neighborhood was in the past, the details of the conflict between the Hadq family and the Husseinieh family, and how the heroes of work met and their relationship strengthened in the way we saw in the first part.

Review of the series Kingdom of the Satan 2

* The review does not contain spoilers *

– The situation is better in the Kingdom of Satan 2 on most levels .. Things are going seriously. We get to know the origin of the story scene after scene, and we are surprised by the radical transformation in the life of the heroes of work and how each of them has reached what it is now.

– Mixing the past and the present is not an easy thing, especially if it occurs during one episode, and it is one of the difficult tests that the work makers have succeeded in passing .. I feel relieved when I go back in time to a gaze lane, there the secrets that accumulated at the end of the first part are revealed, and at another moment I want to see The latest developments in Hate Al-Jannah .. Mixed feelings confirm the success of the suspense factor in the series.

– Although you will discover many things about the heroes of the work, at some point the mystery will surprise you again and questions begin to pile up until the moment you are waiting for you to know the interpretation of what you saw and you will feel disappointed. Yes, disappointment. The end came disappointing and left a torrent of questions and some Important events that were not satisfactorily justified, despite the author Muhammad Amin Radi’s endeavor to explain and justify the events.

What is the secret behind the radical transformation in Fathi Iblis’ life between the first and second parts? What is the reason for seeing the strange camel that Al Khawaja was seeing on the wall? .. There are some characters whose end is illogical. Is this intentional and there is a third part ?, And what is the relationship between Bodhi and the dog? … these are the most prominent questions that I could not find an answer to which my mind would accept, and in the case of a third part – I do not think it will happen, but I hope

We have no choice but to wait, but if that is the end, the work fails to come to know important details for the viewer.

– The illogical Kingdom of Satan 2 continues with regard to the series’ characters, something that I criticized in the first part .. Evil prevails over the nature of the warm women, and if you look at them, you find most of them are beautiful in terms of appearance, suitable for romantic works.

– Everyone is afraid of flowers, and the work has not done what makes me fearful of flowers, despite what we have seen. Dalda is far from evil .. The success of both “Sama Ibrahim” and the French “Fedra” in convincing me of the roles of evil confirms that the past is an important element in the second part, and thus it triumphs. Hot stars stared again.

– There are other characters that I wished to take care of each other and neglect others .. I see a character who stared at one of the most attractive characters in the series, especially in the beginning, and I wish I had seen serious work in developing it, and if that happened we would have seen a villain of a heavy caliber .. The character was neglected at the expense of characters like Al-Akhs and Shakit … two personalities of no importance, as the most important one is brought in for the purpose of ridiculing his name, and I did not see what makes him influential.

Ahmed Khaled Moussa is better and more lively than the first part, and he followed the easy-to-do style of portraying the mixture of reality and imagination and walking flexibly between the past and the present without any obvious problems.

Despite the presence of a large acting space for the women of Haret Al-Jannah (staring previously), the superiority was the ally of the men .. beginning with Mahmoud Al-Laithi, who I consider to be the surprise of the series, as he is the owner of the most perfect performance and the most sincere emotions, controlling the strings of the character and its dimensions .. followed by Ahmed Daoud with a character Al-Khawaja, and despite my reservations about the design of the character close to Saber’s character in the series “Al-Nasa Prison,” but the design of the character of Al-Khawaja in the past was done well, and it required Daoud to make a double effort to come up with two different performances .. Alaa Hosni through the character of “Ramzi” He deserves the opportunity. And see him in future work.

– Salwa Khattab still maintains her strong performance despite her relatively few scenes compared to the first part .. a remarkable improvement in Rania Youssef’s performance and a clear effort in controlling the dimensions of the character .. Despite the relatively small area of ​​her role, Sama Ibrahim, she succeeded in embodying the character brilliantly.

– Kingdom of Satan series, a distinct portrayal of social fantasy. An experience that I enjoyed going through despite its flaws, but it went through many moments of distinction and creativity. My rating is 7.5 / 10 and I recommend watching it.