The best foreign series you will ever watch


We present to you a list of the best foreign series that you will see in your life, by presenting a collection of the most popular series that has been admired by many in recent years. Watching serials has become a passion for many viewers, so you find yourself watching episode after episode of the season after season until you finish watching the series, only to be surprised that there is a big gap after the series ends, to find yourself at the loss of searching for new foreign series to watch. So we present to you a collection of the strongest and best foreign series you will ever watch.

Warning, some series may contain +18 scenes. 

List of the best series

Game of thrones

Series thrones conflict and one of the most famous and most important foreign series in history, was able to leave his mark in the world of the epic drama deserved after he won the great popularity Bohaddath exciting battles over the last eight seasons. He even occupied the center within the top 10 series of foreign at all on the IMDB.

The series revolves around a family struggle over the throne of the city of Westeros to gain absolute power over the Seven Kingdoms in the presence of a dormant enemy threatening them all … and it is considered one of the most beautiful foreign series you will ever watch.

Information about the series Game of Thrones

  • Emilia Clarke stated that several series endeavors were filmed, and they did not say at the time that the series’ makers would use them in the end.
  • The series won 375 different awards.
  • Writer George Martin’s wife threatened her husband to desert him if he decided to kill Aria or Lady Sansa among the events.
  • The cost of one episode in the series ranges from 6 to 10 million.
Game of thrones


Escaping from prison is considered one of the oldest and best American foreign series that take place behind bars and which was shown in the third millennium, where the events of the series begin with an innocent man who is sentenced to death for the murder of the sister of the US President and his only hope now is his brother, the engineer, “Michael Scofield”, who commits The crime of robbery at a bank and he easily surrenders to be thrown in prison next to his brother.

But as the events unfold, we discover that Michael is very intelligent and attentive, as he recorded and memorized a very dangerous plan in his mind and draws it in the form of a strange, incomprehensible tattoo on his body in order to escape from prison he and his brother.

However, Michael and his brother face many obstacles in prison, including guards and prisoners that make the task of escape very difficult .. The series takes place in a dramatic criminal form full of suspense and one of the most popular foreign series in ninety-one episodes that were shown over five seasons from 2005 to 2017.

Information about the series PRISON BREAK

  • The end of the last episode of the first season has changed more than once due to the great popularity of Dr. Sarah Tancredi’s character 
  • Due to the subtle details discussed by the series of plotting to escape from prison, it was banned from being shown in 13 prisons in the United States of America, so as not to encourage prisoners to devise similar plans.
  • In order to prepare for his role, the American actor Stacey Kate spent about six months in a British prison, where this helped him to find his role as a prison guider in the series.

Breaking bad

One of the most popular foreign series ever. A high school chemistry teacher after suffering cancer resorts to entering the world of drugs by manufacturing and selling them to secure the future of his family.

Information about the series Breaking bad

  • The series consists of 5 complete seasons. The idea of ​​the series did not attract many production companies to his work and they rejected it until AMC produced it.
  • The producers refused to give the starring role to Brian Cranston at first until they became convinced after watching his role in The X Files.
  • The series has won 153 awards and is ranked # 4 in the best foreign series of all time, according to IMDB.
  • When the main characters in the series were smoking meth, they were actually smoking hard candy!
Breaking bad

Peaky Blinders

During the aftermath of World War I in 1919, the series revolves around a criminal gang called the “Shelby family” who hides razors with the tops of their hats and their leader, the younger brother and mastermind of the gang “Thomas Shelby” who is trying to build an empire for their business and aspires to extend After Birmingham, even if it costs him to confront anyone standing in his way, the series is based on the famous “Peaky Blinders” gang, but with fictional events, and consists of 7 seasons and 37 episodes so far.

Information about the series Peaky Blinders

  •  “Cillian Murphy” smoked more than 3000 cigarettes before the end of the second part only, and his current statistics reach about 6000 cigarettes during the series, but “Cillian Murphy” has previously stated that he smokes herbal cigarettes without nicotine or tobacco and therefore it is not addictive.
  •  Michael Gray (performed by Finn Cole) and John Shelby (played by Joe Cole) are actually brothers.
  •  The artist “Tom Hardy” who played “Alfie Solomons” and the artist “Charlotte Riley” who played the role of “Mary Carlton” are in fact married.
  •  The reason for the title name of the series is because the gang wore the small, flat hats with their short edges compared to the hats that more discerning gentlemen usually wore at the time.
Peaky Blinders


In April 1986, there was an explosion in the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl in the Soviet Union, which later became one of the most horrific and largest of the manmade accidents … one of the best modern foreign series.

Information on the Chernobyl series

  • Initial filming began on May 13, 2018, in Vapigneskiz, a residential area in Vilnius, which was used to represent the Ukrainian part, because the area retained an authentic Soviet character.


Six friends “Rachel”, “Ross”, “Joy”, “Chandler”, “Phoebe” and “Monica” are of the same age and live in the same apartment complex in Manhattan. Each other How a friend should be a friend All this in a wonderful comic framework, the series Friends is one of the most beautiful foreign series that was made in the nineties and has a lot of popularity all over the world, the series consists of 10 seasons and consists of 235 episodes.

Information about the series FRIENDS

  •  The character “Joy” was originally written as stupid, but when “Matt LeBlanc” asked why others were friends with him, the character was changed.
  • Matt LeBlanc gave “Joy” his statue of a white dog originally to Jennifer Aniston as a gift to his best friend when she started acting. “Jennifer” offered her to the series when “Joey” got rich and bought a lot of things, after which the producers decided to keep it.
  • Before the series was shown, it was scheduled to be a love story between “Monica” and “Joy”, but it did not seem that they had much romance, so the love story between “Chandler” and “Rachel” was made.


In the context of crime and drama in the 21st century, the series revolves around a character created by Sir “Arthur Conan Doyle”, “Sherlock Holmes”, who is used by the police after desperate to solve a mystery in the city of London .. the city full of mystery, crime and deception and its full streets With thieves and serial killers, “Sherlock” tries to solve this intriguing mystery and sheds light on it with the help of Doctor John Watson .. One of the strongest foreign series you will see consists of 4 seasons and 13 episodes so far.

Sherlock information

  • After choosing to perform the character, Benedict Cumberbatch read all the stories of “Arthur Conan Doyle” as a way of preparing the character.
  • When Martin Freeman went to audition for Watson, his wallet was stolen and his mood was so bad that the producers thought he was not interested in the role, but fortunately when he went for the second time he was fine and got the role.
  • Many of the series’ crew are related to each other, as the parents of “Sherlock” in the series are in fact the parents of “Benedict Cumberbatch”, as well as “Martin Freeman” who played “John Watson” and his wife in the series “Mary”, who played “Amanda Abington.” In fact, she is his wife, and the producer “So Vertio” is the wife of the writer “Stephen Moffat” and their son is the one who played the role of Sherlock when he was a child in some episodes.

The Handmaid’s Tale

The series is set in the dystopian future, where another civil war takes place in the “United States” that leads to the absolute control of one of the extremist religious groups over government in the country.

The three seasons follow the story of a young woman named “John” who is forced to be a servant to one of the leaders of the “Gilead” republic in order to give birth to him children after the massive spread of infertility and the gathering of all women capable of childbearing in order to become maids to the families of the “Gilead” leaders who are infertile and unable to Procreation.

Information about the series

  • The series consisted of three seasons and was renewed for a fourth season.
  • The series is based on the novel of the same name by the great writer Margaret Atwood.
  • The series received eleven Emmy nominations, winning five of them for the first season.


The DARK series is a foreign series that was produced by Netflix in 2017 and revolves around a portal for the transition between times inside a mysterious cave next to a nuclear station, and the portal transports people through time on three different time lines, which are 2019, 1986 and 1953, where the difference is between Every time and the last 33 years, knowledge of the secret of this gate begins immediately after the disappearance of two young children in the village next to the cave, but by chance, the movement through time will be the reason for exposing and revealing four families whose stories are intertwined and intertwined in a complex and strange way dominated by crime, injustice and betrayal. 

Information about the series Dark

  • The series consists of three seasons, each season, ten fun episodes full of mystery, and inevitably you will need a pen and paper in order to understand the events
  • DARK is Netflix’s first German series
  • The date (November 12), around which the events of the series revolves, is an important and critical date in the famous movie BACK TO FUTURE in 1985 
  • The strange writing on the shirt of a child found in the woods was the emblem of an anti-nuclear movement in the 1980s.