The most powerful series based on the characters of successful films


Hollywood producers used to release second parts of successful films to take advantage of that success, but sometimes series are produced based on movie characters that tell about the life of the main movie character before the events of the film, how she grew up in her youth and called a prequel to the events of the film, so she left us Works that are no less wonderful and beautiful than the films that have been quoted, and in the following lines we will deal with those works:

The best series based on movie characters

Bates Motel 2013 – 2017

A series of five seasons adapted from the movie Psycho 1960 by the great director Alfred Hitchcock tells about the story of Norman Bates and his upbringing with his mother and the influences that made him mentally ill before the events of the Hitchcock movie, and it was, of course, a great challenge for the makers of the series as the film is one of the icons of world cinema, but they managed to create a complete and interesting series that achieved great success, starring Freddy Highmore and Vera Farmiga.

The film was nominated for four Oscars, and the series was nominated for three Emmy Awards.

Hannibal 2013-2015

The character of Hannibal Lecter remains one of the most sadistic and fearful characters in the world of cinema for which Sir Anthony Hopkins won the Oscar in the 1991 film The Silence of the Lambs, which tells about a dangerous serial killer who is seeking to arrest a federal agent, Sir Anthony Hopkins introduced that character In two films later, they are: Hannibal 2001 and Red Dragon 2002.

And after eleven years, the Danish star Mads Mikkelsen was hired to present the role of Hannibal Lecter in a series of three seasons that is no less wonderful than the series of bloody films and discusses his relationship as a psychiatrist with one of his patients, and he is a FBI agent sympathetic to the serial killers.

Young Indiana Jones 1992-1993

Director Steven Spielberg has achieved great success in the Indiana Jones series of films, which tells about the expert of antiques and his pursuit of them in various civilizations in an action and adventure atmosphere loved by adults and children starring Harrison Ford.

Taking advantage of the success, a series based on the character of Indiana Jones in his youth appeared at the beginning of the nineties and participated in writing great names such as George Lucas and Frank Darabont, and also achieved great success at the time of its presentation and maintained the atmosphere of interesting adventures, and later the hero of the series Shane Patrick Flannery starred Several television films of the same character.

Pennyworth 2019

Adapted from the famous comics Batman or Batman, a series that deals with the story of Alfred Pennyworth, the servant of Bruce Wayne or Batman. We have seen him in all parts of Batman when he was at an old age, keeping the secrets of Bruce Wayne and his right arm, the series deals with the life of Alfred in his youth where he worked As a special forces officer in London, and how he worked for Bruce’s father and was related to that family.

Ratched 2020

Netflix has announced a series about the life of the bossy nurse Mildred Richted, who works in a mental and psychiatric hospital and turns the lives of her patients into hell. Academy Award The film won five Academy Awards in total, including Best Actor by Jack Nicholson, Best Film, Best Directing, and Best Screenplay.

She plays the role in the series, the star Sarah Paulson, who is waiting for a big challenge to play one of the most important roles in the cinema again in a television work.

Teen wolf 2011 – 2017

A youth series about a high school boy who discovers that he can turn into a werewolf. It is based on a movie of the same name in the eighties starring Michael J. Fox, and the series has had more success and more views than the movie.

Agent Carter 2015 – 2016

Superstar Helly Atwell appeared as Agent Carter in Captain America 2011 and later performed the same role in a two-season series set in the 1940’s about the secret agent who lost her lover in the war and is assigned by Tony Stark’s father, Howard Stark (Iron Man) for several secret missions within the framework of Action and science fiction … and it is considered one of the most popular series based on movie characters