Get rid of dark spots with an onion juice mask


Onions are known to be used in most daily dishes, due to their distinct flavor and many benefits to the body as their importance in increasing immunity and facilitating the digestion process is evident. It helps restore skin elasticity and protect it from wrinkles. 

Onions also help get rid of dark spots and treat scars resulting from acne and pimples that appear on the skin, thanks to the natural acid in onions, which has skin-whitening properties that lighten the color of the skin, thus eliminating pigmentation and dark spots.

Onion juice is used in many natural blends to treat skin problems. So, today we bring you an onion juice mask that contributes to the renewal of skin cells, making them more glowing, and thus ridding them of dark spots.

Onion juice mask


  • Small onion


  • Grate the onion, then put it in a small piece of cloth and press it well to extract the juice.
  • Dip a clean cotton ball in the juice and rub it onto your face and neck.
  • Leave the mask on for 20 minutes before removing it with lukewarm water.
  • Repeat this recipe 2 to 3 times a week until you can see the results for yourself.

Another method you can use is onion juice.

  • Add two tablespoons of honey to one tablespoon of onion juice.
  • Apply the mixture to the affected areas for 2 0 minutes.
  • If you have oily skin, add a little apple cider vinegar to the mixture.