Tips for setting new year goals and how to achieve them


New Year’s activities are not limited to attending celebrations such as the Burj Khalifa celebrations in the New Year, but many people take advantage of this occasion to be a new beginning in their lives, as they count the goals that they have achieved, and evaluate their performance during the year, to come out with a list of New Year’s goals, which serves as a catalyst for them.

A man on top of a mountain

To walk towards success and achievement with persistent steps! For example, there are those who set a goal to increase their sports activities and practice various kinds of sports. If you are planning to set goals for 2021, here is this article that will guide you on how to set goals for the New Year 2021, in addition to a list of a number of ideas that you can move towards during the New Year.

Who among us does not seek to develop himself and change the course of his life for the better? Despite everyone’s belief in the importance of change, many of us may find it very difficult to bring about it, because it causes ourselves to be exhausted in the repeated attempts and the great efforts that may fail, in addition to the importance of maintaining an unprecedented store of determination that is not immediately implemented.

Facing the huge number of tasks that afflict the set of random decisions that we make every period as soon as we experience a sudden, short-term enthusiasm, especially in order to define the goals of the New Year 2021 as we do every year in an effort to rearrange our priorities and write a list entitled “My goals for 2021 “.

We certainly do not refute the difficulty of change nor claim the ease of the matter, but rather point out that getting rid of a bad habit of acquiring a good habit requires following a deliberate strategy and clear and correct steps, so with setting goals and good planning, we can achieve what we want.

Importance of writing goals

Many may be unaware that allocating time to write New Year goals has a good psychological impact in addition to the high chance of achieving them compared to those who go in life without prior planning, as writing goals contribute to imagining a person achieving his goals on the ground and their positive effects on life, and this image is equal to achieving the goal and planting it in his subconscious mind until it is achieved, God willing.

How do I write goals?

You may be wondering how do I write New Year goals and how do I make sure to implement them? Some may have mastered the writing of New Year’s goals well, and others may not know which method. We have some important tips that you must follow this year so that you do not find yourself bidding farewell to another year while the goal planning schedule remains the same and you have not accomplished anything from it.

How to set goals?

  • See the list of last year’s goals to determine what has been done and what has not been achieved, along with studying the reasons for the two options
  • Identify the practices or habits that you want to get rid of, especially those that drain your time and do not add any value to you.
  • Discover the skills or practices that you want to develop the most, and set more than one goal for them to motivate yourself to achieve them
  • Do not forget that the list includes goals for your practical, scientific and personal life equally, as all three of them are important for a healthy and balanced life
  • Divide your list of goals into quick goals and long-term goals, and start with a quick goal so that you do not lose the will and drive to continue
  • Try to add to the list of New Year goals something new that you have not tried before
  • When setting goals, do not pay attention to the opinions of others and do what you like, not others!

How to guarantee goal achievement?

  • Fill out the list of New Year 2021 goals with easy goals that are useful for your personal and business life
  • Write your goals on a piece of paper and place them on the wall of your room or on your desk to keep them in front of your eyes and present in your mind always
  • Try making simple and short adjustments to your daily lifestyle without much effort or expense
  • Establish a timeline for acquiring the skill or achieving the goal
  • Train regularly and regularly
  • Determine the educational resource you will adopt to learn the skill, such as an actual institute, an online course, or through a friend
  • Determine the partial skills that make up the skill you intend to acquire, as analyzing the skill into parts helps you to gradually and avoid randomness in learning
  • Do the daily practical application of the skill you are learning
  • Monitor the results in your application of the skill to quickly adjust direction or source in case you are not satisfied with the outcome


Here is a list that may interest you some of its ideas to be included in your list of New Year 2021 goals, which we will divide into categories; Each one has different interests:

Objectives for your study

Whether you are still studying or planning to complete your studies, here are these goals that support this field:

  • Focus on studying within a study plan that achieves time management
  • Make an extra effort to achieve greater educational achievement
  • For those who have left school, they can enrich their scientific inventory by studying through the most important e-learning sites
  • Learn a new language, and you can use the options of language institutes in Dubai or other Emirates
  • Increasing the percentage of reading, and it is possible to visit the libraries scattered in every emirate, including the Sharjah Public Library
  • Obtaining a master’s degree can be found on a list of universities and institutes for MBA in Dubai

Work-Related Goals

  • Determine strategies to increase the rate of daily production at work
  • Focus on your accomplishments only, and do not focus on the achievements of others. You cannot achieve the first point while you are distracted by two things
  • Accept criticism from your manager and take it as supportive advice for developing yourself and reaching your goal
  • Refining personal skills in dealing with coworkers
  • Developing methods of dialogue in the work environment and avoiding frustrated people
  • If you are looking for a job, set goals that make you the employee that companies dream of hiring, and you can train on job interview questions and how to prepare for them.
  • Creating and developing free businesses, it may be in the field of handicrafts or establishing a private technology company, and we recommend that you read the most prominent entrepreneurship books

Goals Healthy Life

  • Quit smoking, and Ramadan is the ideal time for that, and we recommend that you read tips to quit smoking in Ramadan
  • Reducing weight for a healthy life, and you can apply the keto diet and the most popular keto diet restaurants in Dubai
  • Adopting a healthy lifestyle by practicing sports. This is not limited to participating in the gym. You can also visit free places to exercise in Dubai or other Emirates.

Self- Related Goals

  • Refining communication skills
  • Focus on spending more time with what you love and with loved ones, family or friends
  • Not allowing anyone to underestimate anything you do, whether it is your chosen course of study, the hobby you prefer, or even the way you interact with others
  • Stay away from negative energy sources, whether places or people
  • Set challenging goals to reach your maximum successes
  • Increase self-confidence by participating in activities that support this

Entertainment Goals

  • Travel and explore other civilizations in one of the world’s best tourist destinations
  • Follow a football match directly from the stadium for one of the international clubs
  • Create a local tourist schedule for the most important tourist attractions in the Emirates


  • Preserving the environment by applying practices that support sustainability in the Emirates
  • Participation in volunteer work to promote social solidarity through:
    • Helping volunteer work and charity campaigns in Dubai
    • Participation in the Zayed Giving Initiative