The Emirates Cycling Team continues its achievements in the tenth stage of Tour Italy


The UAE youth team riders continue to provide strong performances in another difficult stage of the Italy tour.

Mikel Berg won the second place today in the tenth stage, which extended for 177 kilometers from Lanciano to Tortoreto, after winning third place in the previous stage of the tour.

The final part of Stage 5 involved difficult climbing distances before reaching the level last leg of the 9 km race to the finish line.

Berg had launched an offensive performance 3 km from the finish line, advancing several hundred meters that enabled him to finish second in the race, 19 seconds behind the first-place winner and 4 seconds ahead of the overall classification leader Joao Almeida.

Thanks to that result, McNalty advanced to thirteenth place in the overall classification, 2:39 seconds behind the winning rider.

Commenting on his victory, Berg said: “My bicycle’s wheel got punctured at one of the steep climbing distances, and I had to do more to make up for the time I lost .. The group was small, and it didn’t include any of my teammates and I knew I could advance and win if I could. From passing the group, and this is exactly what I did .. I was hoping to win first place, but winning second place remains a great thing..Each stage may represent the end of one of the riders’ journey in the round so we all try to do our best in every race..and we hope We continue to do well, but safety remains of the utmost importance for all riders and for Italy as a whole. “

The eleventh stage of the tour will take place on a 182 km track from Porto Sant Elpidio to Rimini, and is suitable for speed riders, including Fernando Gaviria from the Emirates team, who suffered an accident that caused severe bruising to his elbow but survived any fractures.