Austria plans to conduct extensive medical examinations to contain the Corona epidemic

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Counselor Sebastian Curtis, Prime Minister of Austria, announced his government’s intention to conduct large-scale mass medical examinations that include large numbers of Austrians to detect those infected with the emerging coronavirus, in order to contain it.

In a statement, Curtis explained that he takes the Slovak experience as a model to emulate in this regard, pointing to the government’s planning to conduct mass tests involving large numbers of residents before Christmas with the help of army soldiers and policemen.

According to information released today by the Austrian Chancellery, work is underway to develop a strategy for conducting group exams and to start testing certain professional groups such as teachers to ensure schools reopen on December 7th.

In this regard, the Austrian government announced the imposition of a comprehensive general closure, starting tomorrow, Tuesday, that includes restricting exit from homes, closing all shops except for those selling basic goods, and converting schools and universities to homeschooling and other restrictive measures until December 6.