“Global Health” excludes the return to normal life before 2022

World News

A senior official in the World Health Organization ruled out that life will return to normal as it was before the emergence and spread of the new Corona virus “Covid 19”, and that residents practice their activities before 2022, in light of the current indications of the spread of the virus.

Sumiya Swaminathan, Deputy Director-General of the World Health Organization for Program Affairs, said during a remote conference hosted by the United Nations in New York, that the vaccine will be available in January, and it will be distributed to all countries of the world, but the most realistic schedule sets the launch of the Corona vaccine during the middle of 2021,

Vaccination will not happen as quickly as some imagine, rather it will remain wearing face coverings and social distancing for a while after that, and as necessary, as we will need 60 percent to 70 percent of the population to have immunity to the virus before we start to see a significant reduction in transmission.