The initiative “20 by 2020” contributes to improving the living conditions of thousands of fishermen and their families in Indonesia

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As part of its efforts to provide sustainable solutions to various societies around the world, the “20 by 2020” humanitarian initiative launched by the United Arab Emirates announced the implementation of its latest projects in the “Palau Lao Selatan” area in South Kalimantan Province, Indonesia, which aims to empower About 20,700 people from a large fishing community in the area have access to off-grid energy solutions and solar lamps.

Palau Lao Selatan is located in the Kota Baru Regency sector, where more than a quarter of the population lacks lighting solutions, while most families depend on the fishing profession for their income.

Within the framework of the initiative project, 3600 solar lamps and 1000 portable solar lamps will be distributed to fishermen who lack electricity service in order to assist them in their work and provide lighting within their homes, which contributes to enhancing economic activity by being able to fish during the early morning before sunrise and at night after it sets the darkness.

These lamps will also have an impact on the health situation, as they will replace the kerosene lamps that are mainly relied upon to provide lighting in homes, as well as candles and diesel generators, which can negatively affect the health of individuals and the environment as well as productivity.

This project exemplifies the unique collaboration between the winners of the Zayed Sustainability Prize. The award-winning “Delight” in 2013 is tasked with providing the “20 by 2020” initiative with sustainable lighting solutions, a US-based company that is the global leader in developing low-cost solar energy solutions in When the award-winning Indonesian “Copernic” organization in 2016 oversees the implementation of the project within the local community, it is a non-profit organization specializing in sustainable energy and working to reduce poverty in remote areas.

His Excellency Ahmed bin Ali Muhammad Al Sayegh, Minister of State and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Abu Dhabi Global Market, a founding partner in the “20 by 2020” initiative – on this occasion – confirmed that there is a consensus between the UAE and Indonesia in terms of the relentless pursuit of the goals of the 2030 Agenda approved by the United Nations along with their interest. To jointly build sustainable cities and communities and support vital sectors that contribute to achieving growth.

His Excellency said: “The past years have witnessed important cooperation between the UAE and Indonesia in a number of sustainability projects that aim to build resilient societies and economies. They have electricity service and we are happy to be a part of this targeted initiative and humanitarian efforts. “

For his part, HE Arifin Tasrif, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources of Indonesia, expressed his welcome and appreciation for the support provided by the “20 by 2020” initiative and its participating partners to the local community in South Kalimantan.

He appreciated the efforts of the leadership in the UAE, which, through the Zayed Sustainability Prize, contributed to supporting the Ministry’s program to accelerate the deployment of solar energy since 2017.

His Excellency said, “There is no doubt that donating these sustainable solutions will effectively support the Indonesian government’s efforts to achieve its goal of raising the proportion of renewable and new energy to 23 per cent in the energy mix and assist the state in the process of transition towards a better future based on clean energy. We would like to advance.” Our thanks and appreciation to the UAE, and we look forward to continuing cooperation in the field of renewable and new energy in order to achieve our common vision of building a sustainable future. “

The launch of the “20 by 2020” initiative in December 2019 came in the context of the Zayed Sustainability Prize’s commitment to work with the award’s finalists and nominees and to continue to support them to achieve their goals and enable them to deliver their innovative and sustainable solutions to the largest number of people around the world.

The Zayed Sustainability Prize is leading the “20 by 2020” initiative in cooperation with its partners Abu Dhabi Global Market, Abu Dhabi Fund for Development, Mubadala Petroleum, the Ministry of Tolerance and Coexistence, Masdar and BNP Paribas Bank. Majid Al Futtaim Group also joined the initiative to support sustainable projects in Jordan and Egypt during the summer. the past.

The initiative embodies the commitment of its member partners to support sustainable development in the UAE and abroad, and it comes as a continuation of many inspiring and valuable efforts and projects for some of its partners.

At the level of Indonesia, Mubadala Petroleum, the world leader in oil exploration, development and production since 2015, has provided more than 174 scholarships to students within fishing communities in Kutaparo, South Kalimantan Province, to enable them to pursue higher education at Kutaparu Polytechnic College, while funding has also been provided to enhance personal skills. And the participation of students in training programs on safety promotion.

Mubadala Petroleum has also been working since 2014 with local fishermen in West Sulawesi to support the provision of fish collection devices in the Makassar Strait and lighting lamps while fishing, which has contributed to opening up wider employment prospects for fishermen and helped them improve their income.

In 2018, Mubadala Petroleum funded a training program to enhance the skills of fishermen’s wives in this coastal region, in addition to implementing a waste management project that led to the creation of the concept of a “waste bank” and a focus on recycling and use of waste activities. The project has contributed to improving the village environment as well as enabling women in the community to generate additional income through the production of recycled products and marine goods that can be sold in the local market.

Dr. Bakhit Al Kathiri, CEO of Mubadala Petroleum, a founding partner in the “20 by 2020” initiative, said: “As a partner in the 20 by 2020 initiative, we are proud of the relentless efforts made to support affected communities around the world, and we will work through the initiative project in “South Kalimantan, Indonesia, to employ innovation in providing sustainable solutions that benefit the local fishing community.”

He added, “Since 2014, Mubadala Petroleum has been contributing to empowering this local community through a number of important projects that focus on achieving goals related to education, the environment and development. Our participation in the 20-2020 initiative comes within the framework of these efforts and we look forward to continuing these projects and achieving a positive impact.” Tangible within local communities. “

It is noteworthy that the “20 by 2020” initiative has so far completed eight projects that included providing solutions in the fields of energy, health, water and food in Cambodia, Madagascar, Egypt, Jordan, Nepal, Tanzania and Uganda.

The first phase of the initiative is to conclude with the implementation of a sustainable project in Costa Rica, while the second phase will include the implementation of sustainable projects in 10 new countries.